Donglin Plaza,It can also be said to be the most prosperous place in Pingdu,There are many shops here,Set office、Finance as one,It can also be said to be the financial center of Pingdu。

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Xia Jian and Ouyang Hong finally squeezed in,The store floor is covered with a red carpet,Brand newedvdPut on the shelf,Mark the price with gold and platinum paper。
Three or four girls in black suits,Very busy,Behind the last workbench,He Jing is very rare to wear a light yellow skirt,Her beauty is fully revealed,Xia Jian hardly recognized her。
He Jing hoarse voice,Collect payment,While explaining to customers,The one she said the most was:“Sorry,This is out of stock,Have to wait a while”
“Bought so well,It was out of stock on the first day of opening,What’s the situation?“Ouyang Hong asked Xia Jian in surprise。
Xia Jian proudly said:“I still have vision,This thing in ordinary cities,Should be exclusive,Moreover,Similar price,Everyone wants to buy a higher level“
at this time,He Jing squeezed over,She looked at Xia Jian shyly and said:“Your health is not good,So I can’t bother you,But this business did not expect to become so popular,The goods will be sold out soon,What do you say about this?”
“Which woman to call,Let her ship,You transfer,But the purchase quantity each time cannot be too large,Don’t put the funds in it”Xia Jian said to He Jing seriously。
He Jing nodded,So I ran to get busy。
Come out of He Jing’s shop,Ouyang Hong said with emotion:“You should show me a business!I’m tired of this work,He Jing comes down this day,I may not earn a year”
“Alright!People in this city want to go out,People outside the city want to walk in again,Didn’t you see this siege”Xia Jian said,Self-consciously laughed。
Are all downstairs in my company,Of course Xia Jian has to go up and see,Guo Meili’s sudden arrival to Xia Jian,Natural surprise,She pours tea,Said with a smile:“President Xia!Our current work can be said to be smooth sailing,The reconstruction of the ancient town of Pingyang Town has been completed,The development of leisure agriculture,Also in an orderly manner”
“is it?How is the highway progressing?”Xia Jian drinking tea,Asked with a smile。