60 songs a year, music producer Arai Eleven has self-cultivation

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Image courtesy of the highest since the first producer of the Golden Melody Award was included in the album “Not Lost, Not Seen” produced by Mo Wenwei in 2015, Arai Eleven became more and more busy, successively in Chen Li, Su Yunying, A-Lin, Lin Youjia, Xu Jun, Chen Chusheng, Yi Xian Qianxi, Cai Xukun, A Bao, Guo Yifan, Matzka Maska and other musicians play an important role in the cascading behind the scenes.  Looking back on 2019, Arai Eleven arrived at his company Eleven Music and produced a total of 4 albums including Chen Chusheng’s “Trend Light”, Guo Yifan’s “Return to Earth” and 44 singles by Mo Xizi’s poems, Cai Xukun, Liu Yuning and others,He also acted as the music director of concerts by singers such as Mo Wenwei and Su Yunying.So, how did this young percussionist grow from the “external expert” of the Chinese National Symphony Orchestra to become the greatest hot music producer in the current Chinese music scene?Arai Eleven humbly attributed it to “lucky”.But once again the conversation with the “music madman” who often ends his work in the morning, you will understand how to define “self-cultivation of a music producer”.  Cultivation 1 control every detail Sauna Night Net: How to allocate the focus of your work in the past few years to produce replacement music works?What is the standard for receiving the project?  Arai Eleven: It’s true that I have done a lot before, and now I will choose the album very carefully.I usually choose to start from a single. If I can really find the album concept I want to do through those one or two songs, or if we communicate with each other at the beginning, there will be a good tacit understanding, so I will consider cooperating in the form of an album.  Sauna Night: Is it easy for producers to collaborate with singers and pure singers?  Arai Eleven: To put it simply, the producer has to control every detail of an album or a single from start to finish, so it is relatively easier to work with the creator because you haveMy own ideas will help me better grasp the way you should be.Now I am more worried because I have no idea at all. When I come here, I say “hope to help me make a textured album”. I want to understand the music he likes from the beginning. The style he is good at needs.There will be more communication.If the artist’s positioning is not so clear, it will be a serious problem.  Cultivation 2 does not like the perfect editing of Sauna Night Net: Will you be a very strict producer in the recording studio?  Arai Eleven: No.If the singer sings a certain sentence, I do n’t think it sounds good. I wo n’t tell him how to sing. I will just tell him the music picture and let him try a different way.Unless the singer is not a singer, in addition to helping him in the arrangement, I will also tell him where to breathe in order to record the sentence.Because singing actually needs a consistent tone, if the tone is not in place, then how to mechanize the editing in the later period, I think it is not good to hear.I do n’t really like perfect editing, all the sounds are accurate, all the beats are correct, all the expressions are flawless, that is not necessarily good.  Sauna Night: Singer has a certain quality that will make you appreciate it?  Arai Eleven: “Expression”.For example Bai Baihe or Yi Xi Qianxi, they may not sing as well as singers like A-Lin, but their “expressions” are in place.Although you may need to spend time to grind with him, you need to remind him that the place should use gas to make him sing better, but the “expression” in place is more important than anything.  Cultivation 3 can only do its best to live up to anyone’s sauna night net: In these years of production experience, is there a word that you will “fear” to hear?  Arai Eleven: When many people find it, they will say “I hope you can come and make a song for me, and I will release it next week.” In this way, it is impossible to do a good job.Maybe it’s because it bores me so much that I need to start my own company and find my favorite musician to play with.Otherwise, it would be ridiculous to face these things all the time.  Sauna Night Network: As a vital producer, have you had a career that you are worried about in recent years?  Arai Eleven: Of course there are.For me, I want to do 60 songs a year, but for the owners of these 60 songs, they are all their own precious works, maybe it is an album for the 10th anniversary of debut, or it is a gap.A new song that was released 5 years later.In 2018, I put a lot of pressure on myself because I did n’t want to live up to these people, but I did n’t have a good solution, so I just had to sleep and try my best.  Cultivating 4 newcomers need to agree with Sauna Nightnet: Are good music producers a scarce resource in the industry?  Arai Eleven: In this industry, there are many excellent musicians and many people with excellent production capabilities, but the ability to control most of them is scarce.To make an analogy, I think Mr. Zhang Yadong is a producer with a special idea in music. He may not be able to satisfy everyone, but his ability is so high that you do n’t need his comfort, it is already very comfortable.This is also a form of establishment.After I got some (time) approval in the past two years, most people are satisfied with me before they look for me, so I will be much more comfortable doing things.But if it is a talented producer who is more talented than me, the song is very powerful, but he has not received such recognition, so it is very difficult to do.  Sauna Nightnet: The 2019 Golden Melody Award Chen Yixun and Sun Yanzi had a skewer once, which you and Guo Yifan and Gong Duoji participated in together.So will the future focus on training new people?  Arai Eleven: Yes, I want them to appear on more production lists and let more people truly believe them.So I want to invite famous artists, famous singers, and famous producers to cooperate, so that people who are not known have more opportunities to be known.  Training 5 high-level songs and public songs need to balance sauna night net: Have you recently appeared in your favorite singer or song?  Arai Eleven: Billie Eilish, I have been listening.I think she is very different. The concept and way of making music are very cool. It is a typical way for a new generation of young people to play music. No special equipment is needed. She may think of something in the room herself.When a sound comes out, use it in music.  Sauna Night Net: So are there any musicians or musical works in China that make you think the production level is very good?  Arai Eleven: Actually, music productions like Zhang Yixing, Cai Xukun, and Li Yuchun are very powerful. Many of them have invited foreign strongmen to participate, but one problem is that these will not be works that mainstream people like to listen to.Another outstanding point.It is also because Cai Xukun came over some time ago that we discussed this topic together.For a singer, if there is no song that everyone knows, maybe you are always unsuccessful.So how to find a balance?You need to find a way together and keep trying.  Writing / Sauna, Yang Chang

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