“I will arrange bodyguards to protect you,If there is something,Just tell them。”

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Ye Xuan finished,This was a sigh of relief in Chu He’s heart。
If it’s like what Ye Xuan said,Then this,Actually it’s still very good。
And see here,Now,Chu River in front of you,I slowly raised my head and looked over here。
The more so,In fact, Chu He was very indifferent,Don’t forget to say it here。
“if so,We will definitely cooperate to the end。”
After all now,This is definitely a win-win pursuit。
at this point,Actually Ye Xuan would like to see。
And when Ye Xuan looked here,Actually next,Nothing more。
“Let me see,Another hundred points?”
Ye Xuan feels,What I did before,Still in vain。
But now,Think again,Actually these things,It’s all for Ye Xuan himself。
So next,If you think about it so carefully,Actually Ye Xuan’s heart,I probably already know,How to solve it。
slowly,Looking at these。
at this time,Ye Xuan smiled slightly。
“well,But now,Actually it’s not the time to deal with these things。”
“Next,The major families will definitely lock you in!”