Xu Xuan tried to find the feel first,But as the atmosphere on the spot gets stronger and stronger,Xu Xuan could only give up this idea in the end。

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Feel,Just cast it out!
“First ball,throw!”
“Second ball,throw!”
damn it!
Seeing Xu Xuan lose two goals,Even O’Neill can’t sit still!
but.Charles,Why are you so unhappy?
You should laugh now?
Buckley:“I can’t laugh.”
Because of the third ball,Xu Xuan hit!
“Fourth ball!Fifth ball!”
“Hit!Hit!Still hit!Xu Xuan’s second shooting point,Still hit all!”
“Perfect rhythm,Perfect feel,Perfect shot,Xu Xuan hits consecutively11ball!”
Consecutive hits11ball?
Including flower ball points3Balls?
Kenny who was full of excitement and excitement on his face·The watch on Smith’s face has solidified!