——Yes,She sent him that kind of photo to Fang Hao as a joke。

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In her mind,What a polite man Xiaohao is,How could it be so unqualified??
Exchange photos without shirts,Definitely just kidding。
Actually,Fang Hao really thinks like that。
If you can exchange,As a man,He still takes advantage。
Qu Wan’er can send him those welfare photos,Why can’t Chi Jiao?
He is still quite interested。
Unfortunately,Chi Jiao did not respond equally,Just said something:“I believe you。”
Even if it’s over。
Also very depressed。
I have to record the show the next day,When he met Chi Jiao,,Business as usual。
But Chi Jiao can feel,Fang Hao now has no estrangement from himself,The smile to her didn’t come from the show。
She finally let go of the grudge of an older young woman。
While eating and chatting that night,Speaking of Fang Hao becoming the image spokesperson of Rende Charity Foundation,She also said to Fang Hao: