How to blink,People’s small circle is surrounded again,I’m isolated again?

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What discouraged Kudo Shinichi the most was,Even if people don’t hate themselves,He also completely blends into the topic of others。
What qi,What force,He can’t even understand。
That school sister……
She is Tsukamoto-senpai, the former leader of Xiaolan’s Karate Club, right??
But why is this Tsukamoto-senpai,But yelled to Linn?
In just one day yesterday,What happened?
My time……How long has it been stagnant??
A whole lunch break,Kudo Shinichi is in a state of confusion for a long time unable to recover。
who am I?
Where am i?
What am i doing?
Such a state,Until after the first class in the afternoon,Finally got better。
Because the first class in the afternoon is physical education,At the same timeABan hoBA big class with two classes。
In this physical education class,The physical education teacher is going to organize a football match between two classes of boys,This,Is the moment when Shinichi Kudo really shines!