The members of the medical team rushed over,When two people saw this, one of them raised one of his arms,Want to help him to the player channel,And found a wheelchair to take him to the hospital。

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But didn’t take two steps,I don’t know if it’s because the player was knocked down by drinking water.,A doctor slipped on his feet for no reason,Just staggered and fell to the ground。
It doesn’t matter if he falls like this,Because people subconsciously grab something before they fall,So the doctor grabbed Ginobili’s arm with both hands。
So Ginobili was also taken to the ground。
The problem is that there is a doctor on the other side of Ginobili,He was also dropped by Ginobili……Fell on Ginobili’s injured leg。
“Ah ah ah……”
This time Ginobili passed out in pain。
The people who saw this scene,I turned my head too hard。
Many people have forcibly suppressed the idea of wanting to laugh。
How unlucky is this Ginobili。
Were all injured,Hurt now,How painful is it?
Sure enough, the wicked get the reward。
This evil player,I just escaped Shen Huan’s level,But now I still can’t hide from God’s punishment!
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