“Niche,Things are in trouble now,This is a big director。”Luo Yilin said with some worry,“The other party came in a while,Don’t make a hard top with others,Admit a mistake,Lose some money,Trivialize,Small things。”

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Luo Yilin is not clear about Mo Xiaosheng’s network in Beijing,So after learning that they had offended such a big director,I was so flustered。
“Don’t think about it!Bitch,I tell you,It’s useless to admit mistakes,You and this little crouch,Don’t think about it!”Chen Tiantian pointed at Luo Yilin angrily。
Who knows she just removed her hand,Mo Xiaosheng suddenly rushed over and slapped her right cheek again.,Her right cheek instantly swelled up like her left cheek。
“from now on,Do you dare to scold Yilin,I will slap you,Until I clean your mouth!”
Mo Xiaosheng said unceremoniously。
Chen Tiantian was shocked when she heard this,Tears in the eyes,Never dared to speak,She was really scared by Mo Xiaosheng,These two slaps,She doesn’t know how long it will take to recover。
Mo Xiaosheng took out his phone and played with it,I’m thinking about who will be the rescue。
If it’s like Luo Yilin said,If Director Zou is a great director,It definitely has something to do with big film and television companies,Big film and television companies are all black and white,It may be troublesome to deal with。
But before he can figure out who to help,I saw a large group of people coming over in the distance,There are dozens of people。
A fat man in the lead is wearing a cap,Wearing a gray-green director’s suit,With a big belly, hurried over here。
Luo Yilin saw this battle,Suddenly pale with fright。
Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help but be surprised,I didn’t expect them to come so soon,And brought so many people。
He himself is not afraid,I was afraid that Luo Yilin would be injured by fighting for a while。