Zhou Ye went outside the ward,Zhao Bin, pointing at the hallway,Yang Jie said:“This is the father of Zhao Bin, Zhao Bin.。“

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Zhao Bin is still in a daze,I heard the voice and I stood up.,Ask:“How have you come out?,How is my daughter’s situation??“
Yang Jie said slightly smiled.:“We are definitely not all come out.,And our medical staff are treating your daughter,Just the previous work we have completed,Have to come out,Give your daughter a quiet rest environment。“
“I just said how you may come out.。“Zhao Bin said with a smile,Then I looked at this doctor in front of him.。
Yang Jie’s expression became serious,Conscientiously:“We have concluded,Your daughter is an influenza brain。“
Zhao Bin is excited,I can’t believe it:“encephalitis?No way,How can my daughter get an encephalitis?,Is it caused by fever??“
He said with a blame,If you causing such dangerous diseases because of colds,He must not forgive himself,After all, I didn’t care too much.,Just let your daughter drink cold medicine,Instead of going to the hospital for the first time。
“Of course, it is impossible to be causing a cold.,It is only a bit like a cold symptoms of epidemic encephalitis.。“Yang Jie explained,“This is a kind of infectious disease,Generally, there is a text carrying a virus.,Every year to summer mosquito,It’s all the high incidence of this disease.,But except for a few adults,Most are children’s incidence,Your daughter’s situation rarely。“
Zhao Bin’s eyes revealed。
He began muttering:“How can it be an encephalitis??”
“How can it be an encephalitis??”
Zhao Bin can’t believe that his daughter will be this dog’s epidemic。
He looked at the doctor,Hilarious:“Are you a joke??”
It’s just a cold.……
This makes Zhao Bin some can’t accept。Faint
Medical research
Zhou Ye raised his hand and wiped a forehead.,Wipe some,The daughter who went out Lu Zhiwei jehed。
“doctor,My father,What happened to my father??”Woman’s expression is very panic。
This panic,Zhou Ye is very familiar with,How many rescue,Such a scene seems to know。
Always can’t say that my father is going to die.,What happened to a full sentence?。
Zhou Ye closed his mouth deep breathing,Solidly open:“Patient shock may occur,Is caused by myocardial infarction,Today’s situation is very dangerous,I hope you can cooperate,Sign this。”
Five big words of the header danger notice,On the spot, Lu Zhiwei’s daughter fell back to the bench.,Emotional collapse,Swear。
but,She will take her life for a while.。
Dad now needs your own assistance,Can’t make trouble,Never make trouble。Believe doctors。
There is no sound while crying after the medical notice.,Intermittently:“I signed,Doctor I sign,You must do our best to save my father.。”
When she pays the disease notice to go back,Still say:“I believe you,doctor,I believe you。”
Zhou Ye is flourish,Tour your tears,Never cry in front of the patient’s family,This will make the family more panicked。
Acoustic notice“thanks”。Turned and left。
Zhou Yewu, Wen Ye,You really haven’t used it.。
I have not encountered this situation when internship.,Why is this feeling today?。
perhaps,Many cases encountered in the hospital,But then believe that the doctor is not much。
Entering the neighborhood doctor has arrived,Packed up the emotion to sign the old Xu has signed it.。
Cardiac doctor is doing inspection,The lips under the mask are tight,Turning and Lao Xu:“Such a short time,The condition suddenly deteriorated to this extent,Common myocardial infarction is not like this。”
Take a stethoscope from your pocket,I also explored some of the old positions.。