“They only stole four copies,Experts have not lost,That is, they should not know that there is also a copy of the expert.,We spread this news out,They will definitely want to take the fifth!”

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“Then they will believe that only five copies??”
“They should now know,Because I don’t know less with the treasure map.。”
“I am really confused.!”Royal wood is embarrassed to say,
“Then we have five news of the treasure map to spread.!”Fujiwara said,
“Need not,They are now sure that there is still one,We only need to retreat to guard against the expert group, they will understand who is in the hand.,Next, we will follow the rabbits waiting for them to come to the door.。”Three Yousyou said,
“Fortunately, there are three tail generals,Otherwise, we don’t know what to do.!”The Qingyuan said the emotion,
“Yes,This time is really much thanks to the three tail。”
Three tails, You Feng is very worried:“I am worried about it is to kill the god action group and then hit the West.。”
Royal wood gang did not understand:“Three tails,Please tell some words。”
“Our current attention is in an expert,In this way, the officers on the list have only the police protection.,They are resistant to the mortality group。”Three Yousyou said,
“The fear of the three tails is very reasonable.,Do you have any solution??”Royal wood,
“I thought so,Their goal is Treasure map,I will find ways to take,You only need to hide the treasure map, there is no way.,In the evening, I will continue to protect the palace and several generals.。”Three Yousyou said,
“What should I do if the killing action group is coming here??”清 原 问,
“Royal Mu Director sent some police to help,So many experts in your four families,They even came to see that you should not dare.。”
“Three tail general said,Then let’s do it according to what you said.。”
The masters of the four families will come to the Qingyuan home.,Including those experts,After several households and experts of the treasure map, hidden in a very hidden place。
Ruyu is allocated from the protection task alone,After he saw Fu Yingxue, he took the fifth Treasure to draw down.。
last night,Fu Yingxue divided into four groups,The fragrance of qi gives the four families to send the master all of this opportunity.,Fanshed four families, took the treasure map。
When I came back, I found that the Treasure map was less than the most important part.,Waiting for rumored news,I didn’t expect people to solve this problem.,Have to admire the brain of people,Actually, I can record the treasure map in my mind.。
After the painting,Rui Rui also painted another four,Determine no problem,Give these Treasures all gave Fu Ying Xue。
“Kill the god,Can draw such a complicated map accurately and correctly。”Fan Lu admired,
“Nine brother,Map is no problem.?”Li Keming is not very assured,
“These Treasures are originally printed.,Do not worry,I promise that this map will not be wrong.,Tomorrow, you will immediately rush back to the country and find the treasure transfer.。”
“Nine brother,Do those devils on that list still kill??”Gao Han asked,
“I can kill a few people tonight.,We will come again in the morning and evening.,Because all the war criminals in my rituits must die!”
“Take the nine brothers tonight, do you have a devil??”
“Waiting, I will tell you who is going to kill?。”Qi Rui said to Fu Yingxue, Yi Yendan,Say:“Snowman,Kill a Song Jian、Tang Rui and Tan Lin are almost a devil,Remember that don’t use the police instead,After got it, put the treasure map on the body.,Be sure to follow the photos,Three of them are all。”
After the end of the rites、Tang Rui and Tan Lin have given Fu Yingxue,Ask:“What should I do if I know if I have returned??”
“knowledge!”Such a big thing Fu Yingxue must have to talk to the organization.,Another is that Treasure is also a professional person to help,I don’t understand these in my team.,Little devil knows to find an expert,This is a wake up for Fu Yingxue.。
Next, Rui Rui has made some arrangements at night.,Can kill the war must kill,I am still idle.,Anyway, everyone is sleeping.,Take a toss tonight。
Rui Rui arranged to go to the palace to find the Qingyuan Xiangxue,Look at the existence of more than one,Rui Rui arrived outside the Qingyuan home,I found that the entire yard is a dark。