Song Yu suddenly understood the president.。

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NS2342chapter She has a boyfriend.
Follow the president from abroad to China,He is still understanding the president’s character,President said this,It is really very important to see the talents of the Yue Yixi.。
“President,I see,I will make people pay attention。”
Man in the design department,Can not be a bad person,They also play people in the inside,Also knows that this piece is designed,It involves a lot of fields.。
Plagiarism and selling company design diagrams have occurred。
Afternoon,Yue Lingxi’s work is directly recognized,Yue Lingxi can be said to be the happiest one.。
Take a course,She rushed out of the company。
Yue Lingfeng is waiting for her downstairs.。
“sister,I really didn’t expect you to work in the Lu Group.,My sister is really great.!”Yue Lingfeng is excited,What is the existence of the Chalk Group?,The entire Asia knows。
“Small peak,I am studying abroad.,After coming back, I found a professional,I didn’t expect to be admitted by the Group.。”
She thought about it.,Years and talents each account for half,After all, the Lu Group is very difficult,It is also a mentality that holds a try.。
Before she is in a small company,For the first time I cast resume to big company,She is excited and looking forward to it。
something,Not try,Never know the result。
Yue Lingfeng did not go to work today,Wearing white casual clothes,He is also one meter,Bone is good,Good figure,Slightly changed,Even those fresh fresh meat are not as good as,Pleasant。
Evening summer,Cool with a silk。
Sister brother’s figure,In the gap in the sunset,Pleasing。 “sister,I am riding a little turtle.,I will take you in the past.,Cycling is about half an hour away from here,I will buy a little turtle to my sister.,It is convenient to get on the cycle.。”
Yue Lingxi is sitting behind your brother,Wear a helmet,“OK,Small peak!”
The car slowly exchanged,And this scene,It also fell in the eyes of Lu Yujun who have just been out of the company.,He is more and more in the dark eyes.,The face is hard to see。
Realize this,Lu Weijun’s chest is stuffy,It’s like a boulder pressure in the heart.,Let him breathe difficult!
Song, who followed him, I immediately felt the president’s emotions.。
“……?”No one has provokes this ancestor。
Song Yu left to see the right,No one yet!
He looked looked at the sky,A big group of black clouds gradually come over,http://www.yxage.cnSong Dynasty,It is going to rain。
No wonder the president is not good!
Yue Lingfeng took Yue Lingxi to the intermediary company,This is a small intermediary,Received them is a child with a little girl wearing glasses。
Yue Lingxi past,After talking to the other party a few words,I took a house with Yue Lingxi and Yue Lingfeng.。
Community location is good,Seven floors,The community is a beige exterior wall,Window is a unified installation,Households urgently need money,The house is lower than the market price of four thousand square meters,Yue Lingxi’s money is enough。
Small room,There is only one bed that can be leted with one meter.,The wardrobe can’t be put down,Can only put one storage cabinet。
But the kitchen is independent,The other two bedrooms are slightly larger.,Close together。
The living room even connects the small court,rectangular,This row of houses in the second floor have an extension of the small courtyard,Four-leaved flower next door,Purple four-leaf flower also climbed to the glass house,The environment is also very good,The bathroom is also an independent window,Enter the door of the bathroom to let go of the next washing machine。
Yue Lingxi really likes it,Very like!