Toned,Do not wait for each other,“If you don’t agree,I now put it now.,The patient immediately fell into previous symptoms,This is your responsibility……”

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Dr. Zhang suddenly angrily,But soon quickly,“Ok,But I said in advance.,If it is unexpected,Can you not close me?。”
Summer smiles。
The bed of the emergency room can be moved,Next,Several people put the bed into a side room next to it。
After closing the door,Summer is not nonsense。
Continuously pinch silver needles,Constantly piercing。
His way is very unique,Or pick or obliquely,Very fast,And extremely accurate。
Dr. Zhang is a Western medicine,But also have a certain eye,See the means of Chinese medicine。
But what he has ever seen,Compared with the technique of this moment,,Similarly, the gap is too big.。
Is this guy really a medical high medicine??
Think here,His eyes are not from the old people lying on the bed,Flashing a might of unspeakable。
Although the driver next to it does not understand medical skills,But also feel,Summer is definitely a high person,At least an acupuncture master。
Take more than ten minutes,The old man’s body has stabbed a lot of silver needles。
And the summer also stopped。 But。
There is more downtry between his look.。
He looked at Dr. Zhang,“Give me a glass jar,Bigger。”
Dr. Zhang is first,The next consciousness will question。
Summer language and unquestionable,Let him swallow the words。
“Good,You wait a moment。”
He turned and went out。
Hospital, natural, natural, not lacking glass jar,Quick return,Hand a transparent glass jar to summer。
Summer picking bottles,Will put it on the bedside,And then pinch one silver needle。
Cardinal part of the elderly,Tattoo。
Next,Dr. Zhang and the four levels have grown up their eyes.。
This is a heart.。
Even if you don’t understand medical skills,There are also medical common sense。
Clear what is a danger of heart part?,A little bit wrong,That is, you will die.。
But the two did not stop。
When the needle thickens the skin’s moment,Summer heartbeats are not accelerated。