You can find a way to buy Wan god doctor,Let him help you with your own fertility,This is an excuse,Spect to your sister——Thus,The probability of being killed directly by the moon,Reduce only half……

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Chapter 687 Will you boast?
The most influence of the moon——Since my sister has already proposed,Finally, I promise yourself three requests.,Use this to cut off your sister.,So whether she is hard、Do not ask a request,Still proposing some unrealistic requests,All useless。
Want to avoid being completely complete,Can only sword,Use these three requests,Come to the heart of the moon,Take other direction。
For this purpose, no star and Chuiro,Explain the previous misunderstanding,Instead, give him a budget……
Pity Star has also put forward the first one to the moon“ask”。
“You think about it.?”Inviting the moon to carry the pity star in the bed,Asked coldly。
“kindness,Since my sister must be so……I am in the future……Only Chu Mu。I hope my sister has not healed it in my injury.,Can help me take care of Chuiro。”Pity star red eye circle。
The cold in the house is heavy。
Pity, this is full——Look reasonable,will“Only Chuong”and“There is no sister in the future”Join together,I heard it all, I don’t have trouble.!
See the moon has not responded,Pity and then said again:“if……If it is really not to come to Wanchun,Also calculated,Take a year。”
“Humph!Since I promised, I will find Wanchun.,That is the county owner of the Fuyang Wangfu.,I am going to tie him.,Both will bring him!”
Although I have to find Wanchun.,And treatment also takes time,I don’t know how long is it?,But since the moon has already committed to the sister,Will find Wan god doctor,Will not let this be a slower!
certainly,“take care of”What is Chu Deiren?,Don’t think……
“take care of?Ah,I am looking for a Wanchun flow.,Guarantee his safety is。”
Originally the pity star has been relieved——“Before rehabilitation”became“Before looking for a Wanchun”,“take care of”became“Guarantee his safety”,But this is also a purpose,At least gave the time to the Chu Deirers and my sister。
But immediately,Pity star has feeling that my sister seems to be a little wrong,So confirmed a sentence:“Sister, how to protect Chu Lang?”
“After that, I interrupted his limbs.,Beside,He dare to heal again.……Waiting for Wanchun,I will restore it again.,He has the treatment of the treatment of King Kong,I am negative,Will there be a sequelae?。”Invite the month to say。
This is not very safe?
And still don’t delay your things……
“Sister is so,What is the sister’s face to see Chuiro??Three conditions,How do you think about my sister in the future?、What should I do?!”
Eventually the poor star is retreating into an indignation,Inviting the moon, slightly retreat,Changed to this period, you will follow Chu Deirers——certainly,Invitation month has already set up ideas,I will secretly follow the Chu Deirers.。
Unless he is really dangerous,Otherwise, inviting the month will never shoot,One is to save,Ersen, no chance to ask him!
It’s already coming in July,Pity“Injury”Basically, don’t worry,Just a martial arts that the pulverity is changing,It’s a Chu Deirers I can’t solve it.。
July Chu Deee wants to be with Xiao Zhao,Go to Lingnindao to pick up the lion king,Pity is temporarily resting in the water,Liu Shengwei will also leave care。
As for the safety of pity……
Easy to solve,Although the pity is still still,Not convenient for boat rushes,But as long as Zhao Min is also taken away,Not afraid that the master of the Fuyang Wangfu is constantly——What’s more, there is still a bitter gynew.!
“what?Moon,You also have to go with me later.?”Chu Deirers are very surprised to watch the month。
Inviting the month to continue to look cold and look at him——A pair“I don’t believe you before.”Look。
“Do not think too much,Can’t count,Just when you have a danger of life,I am nearby,Maybe,But if you are……hehe。”Moon,I saw Huang Rong by the Chu Deirers.。