Good sleep habits guarantee a healthy life

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Good sleep habits guarantee a healthy life

Sleep problems such as insomnia have become serious public health problems that are common in countries around the world.

  The World Health Organization has conducted surveys in 14 countries, and about 27% of people have sleep problems.

A survey by the American Sleep Foundation shows that about 50% of Americans have at least one symptom of insomnia several days a week.

In Europe, about 4% -22% of people suffer from severe insomnia, and the current incidence of insomnia is as high as 10% -20%.

  The Chinese Psychiatric Association of the Chinese Medical Association conducted a survey of sleep problems in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, and Shandong, with more than 10,000 participants.

Among the respondents, sleep problems such as awakening, premature awakening, insufficient sleep time, and poor sleep quality were as high as 42.


Insomnia has become a common problem in developing countries, especially women and the elderly.

  The diagnosis and treatment of insomnia are closely related to a variety of physical and mental illnesses.

In order to determine the type, severity, duration and cause of insomnia, first of all, 2 weeks of observation and recording are needed: including bedtime, wake-up time, sleep duration and quality, nighttime awakening and other main symptoms and rules; recordsDrinking, caffeinated beverages and medications, lifestyle habits, etc. Second, detailed internal medical system inspections should be carried out, and psychological analysis and psychiatric examinations should be performed if necessary.

Finally, combined with polysomnography, the overall situation of sleep is clarified, and the selection of appropriate drugs is guided according to the sleep stage.

Depending on each person’s situation, the doctor can choose the most suitable treatment plan for you.

Early diagnosis and early treatment are key.

  Develop good sleep habits1.

Adjust sleep time appropriately, get up on time every day (including holidays), and go to bed on time.


Even if you have insomnia, don’t keep lying in bed.

When getting up, get up as usual, try not to take a nap during the day, and do some physical exercise after getting up.


Don’t overeat at dinner time.

Try to eat and place foods, drinks, and medications that have an exciting effect on the central nervous system after dusk.


Avoid reading irritating books and magazines before falling asleep.

Avoid watching irritating TV shows. It is forbidden to read on the bed, read newspapers or watch TV.

Do some relaxing activities before going to bed, such as massage, massage, qigong, meditation, etc.


The bedroom environment should be comfortable, avoid strong light, noise, and suitable temperature.


Go to bed when you have sleepiness. Don’t go to bed.


If you are upset, make it a priority, write it down before going to bed, don’t go to bed and think about it.

  Safe and reasonable treatment with drugs A study of nearly 800 people abroad showed that taking eszopiclone for 6 months, during the sleep latency period, the wake time after sleep initiation, the number of wakes, the number of nightly awakenings per week, the total sleep time, sleepThere is a significant improvement in quality, and there is no need to increase the treatment dose, no rebound after stopping the drug, and no obvious withdrawal symptoms.

Therefore, eszopiclone has become a long-term hypnotic approved by the US FDA.

  Wenfei is a new generation of non-benzodiazepine hypnotics with chemical composition eszopiclone. It is a new drug developed by Tasly Pharmaceutical Research Institute.

Studies show that eszopiclone is absorbed quickly in the body and the blood concentration reaches a peak in 1 hour, so Wen Fei has a rapid onset of effect and can quickly induce sleep in 30 minutes; Wen Fei can effectively maintain the blood concentration (half-life 6 hours), thusEffectively reduce the number of awakenings and increase total sleep time.

Taking Feifei for a long time has not produced the expectation.

  As long as it can be safely and reasonably cooperated with drug treatment, it is safe to take the drug because its metabolism in the human body is very rapid.

Do not take drugs at random due to the obvious effect of drugs, repeat drugs, and endanger your own health.
  In addition, drug treatment must be carried out simultaneously with good living habits, and the effects of medicines cannot be used for a long time to rely on the efficacy of medicines, neglecting to adjust living habits, and developing bad sleeping habits.