Tasteful taste

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Tasteful taste

I like the feeling of faintness, maybe because of a melancholy?

I do not know.

I don’t know, am I happy?

I just like the feeling of faintness. I like to look at the faint green of the branches. It is a symbol of life. It is the messenger of spring, and a touch of faintness is better than the ambiguous purple.

I am pursuing a faint friendship, a friend, and I don’t have to meet each other often, one of the words on the phone: “How are you?”

“A faint greeting, then spread like a thought of a bud, and a warmth filled your heart.”

As the saying goes: The gentleman’s friendship is as light as water, but I don’t know how much sincerity and tacit understanding a “light” word contains.

銆€銆€Love is also faint, and there is that kind of faint smile.

Like a touch of water, thirsty, boiled water can best quench your thirst.

It makes women more gentle and shy, makes men more mature and generous, it makes children more innocent and beautiful, a little blouse is very playful and faint.

銆€銆€Now, because I miss you in the faint, I have these faint words. Everything is faint, just a little faint.

In the past, now and in the future, the scrolls of life are gently inserted, the tears that fall and the laughs that are unfolding use the faint strokes.

銆€銆€Walking in the crowd, there are always some girls and girls who keep looking back.

There is no dazzling red and green wrap, the elegant blue-shirt purple skirt in the wind, only one youth and one group of pure, a touch of smile is very mellow.

When a child sees a stranger, he always hides behind the adult, and then quietly reveals half of his face, a faint smile, naturally emerges from the corner of his mouth.

銆€銆€When the teenager puts a faint bouquet of fragrant roses in the girl’s hands, he is already filled with the girl’s heart. The faint sky is very high, there is no blossoming cloud, no blue and dazzling bright, just faint, grayThere is blue in the middle and gray in the blue.

銆€銆€The lingering smog likes to sneak at the faint nostalgia of “red cherry, green banana”. One person, quietly melting himself in the fragrant and melodious music, turning oldThe album of the day, the memories of the dusty memories recalling the faintness of your “faintness” that you never want to think, never forget, how many resentments are faint, always so memorable. I don’t know who heard it. “It’s not your embarrassment, you can’t run.

“Friend, remember: a touch of love will have happiness to the white head.