0-2 behind Jedi reversal, “Xinwen Hookup” won the mixed doubles gold medal in the finals

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From 0 to 2 to 3 to 2, Xu Xin / Liu Shiwen completed a major reversal.In the mixed doubles final of the ITTF Tour Finals that ended tonight, Xu Xin / Liu Shiwen reversed the Japanese combination Mizutani Hayabusa / Ito Misato to win the championship.Xu Xin / Liu Shiwen won the mixed doubles gold medal.Figure / Osports The Tokyo Olympics table tennis project complements the establishment of a mixed doubles event, and is also the first gold medal in the table tennis event, which has attracted the attention of various associations.In the finals, Xu Xin / Liu Shiwen reached the semifinals, and the National Table Tennis Team also received mixed doubles tickets for the Tokyo Olympics.Xu Xin / Liu Shiwen’s opponents in today’s finals are the Japanese combination Mizutani Hayato / Ito Misato.In the first two games, the “Xinwen Hookup” combination fell behind 9-11 and 6-11, and was once in danger.However, in terms of companions and strength, Xu Xin / Liu Shiwen prevailed overall, and they also launched a counterattack, 11-3, 11-8, 11-9 winning streak 3 innings to reverse Mizutani Hayato / Ito Mitsumi.After losing, Mizutani Falcon said the tactics in the first two innings were performed well, but Xu Xin / Liu Shiwen played obviously better in the third inning than before.”Being able to win the game in a backward situation, for us, whether it is technical or psychological is a good discipline.We need to strengthen some details.”Liu Shiwen said that this competition had a great harvest for them.After losing to Chen Meng 3 to 4 in the women’s singles quarterfinals last night, Liu Shiwen had expressed his hope that he could play against Ito before the Tokyo Olympics.Although it is not a single, it is a good opportunity for Liu Shiwen to play against Ito in the mixed doubles final today.Xu Xin also said after the game that the task of the finals was successfully completed. “The main goal of this competition is to get the Olympic tickets. This is only the first goal. We need to win the championship. Now we have our wish.”However, Xu Xu also said that he reduced the number of admission tickets and championships, but he also made some mistakes in the finals,” he was able to persevere later, thanks to the encouragement of the coach and partners to me.”Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofread He Yan

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