Jiang Fan thought,If he doesn’t answer this question,Will affect the next step“jobs”,He thought for a while and said:“I will do better than him。”

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“Will you accompany me like he accompanies Gu Zhuo??”
“of course。”
“The minister has time,do you have?”
“Have,I resigned to accompany you。”
Ding Yi felt excited when he heard this,Her eyes are moist,Holding his face,Said:“Jiang Fan,I want you……”
This is an initiative that Ding Yi has never done before,Jiang Fan knew that she was infected by Wang Jiadong and Gu Zhuo,I lowered my head and kissed her,Said:“I give you all of me,And don’t keep it at all……”
Ding Yi,Of course I can’t understand the man’s psychology at this time,She hugged Jiang Fan,Lift up,Kiss him。
Jiang Fan saw Ding Yi’s rare passion,I’m excited,He decided to keep working hard on his wife,After holding her tightly,Will be solid and great,Wedged hard into her warmth……
Although Peng Changyi had a hard time in the past two days,But he never gets tired。Friday afternoon,After leaving Wangjiadong,,He received Shu Qing,The two went back to Beijing together。
Although Peng Changyi has been to the house several times before,,But this is the first time as a son-in-law。
and so,Shu Qing’s parents also carefully prepared,Took out their housekeeping skills,Made a splendid dinner for my prospective son-in-law。
Follow the procedure discussed with Shu Qing in advance,Peng Changyi and they completed the confession in Beijing,Back to Kangzhou overnight,Because tomorrow they are going back home,Hurry back on Sunday,Very tight schedule。
After Peng Changyi came back,Take Shu Qing,I went straight to the residence of Kangzhouhaihou,Here,It is still used by him。
He and Shu Qing entered the room,Shu Qingwen:“I keep this place for you?”
One sentence,Peng Changyi was a little bit lost,He sighed and said:“Yes,If not here,If i come back,I’m afraid there is no more place to stay——”