Out of control。

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Whether it is the peak showdown between the four-color dragon kings or the war situation between the alliance and the tribe,All deviated from the plan。
According to Ronin’s report,The battle of the dragon king fought day and night in an almost barbaric manner,Then the black dragon king ate the blue dragon king with a big bomb,Use the recoil of the explosion to escape the encirclement,Fled towards the sea。
So the four dragon clan bosses played life and death fighting abruptly into a racing game。
Or dragons can play……
In addition to Carlos feeling that Nesario is worthy of his big cousin,I’m so angry that I want to scold my mother。
The four of you had a great fight,What about our alliance?
The Dragon Allied Forces besieging Heishi Mountain are just a spoiler,It can be said to be a force of the fox and the tiger,Relying on Malygos and Ysera’s dragon king’s might to tactically intimidate the black dragon army that shrouded the black stone tower。Now the four big guys are racing,What do you want us to do with the alliance?
Even the league is a hero who is not afraid of death,It is also absolutely unacceptable to fight against the Black Dragonflight and the Horde at the same time.。
Everyone is dead,Who goes back to farm in Lordaeron?
And something more troublesome than the sudden drag racing of the dragon boss,Is the tribe’s collective drug use。
For no reason,Without warning,Without any scientific explanation,The tribal orcs suddenly broke out with incredible combat power,Drove the vanguard troops sent by Lothar back to the tunnel of Heishishan,Destroyed the four fortress camps hurriedly established by the Alliance。
Even if Lothar deploys troops again,Take advantage of our large population,Lay a forward position,Can’t make up for the failure of strategy。