So in this world,People are really all kinds,Various。

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Meet good people,I met bad guys,Even more amazing。
Thinking here,Shen Huan was patted on the shoulder。
Turned his head,I saw Zhou Xilan’s pretty face with a smile。
“Oh yo yo,Isn’t this our Shenda scientist??”Zhou Xilan with hands behind her back,Very exaggerated,“Why didn’t your old man write a paper in the laboratory,Came here to wander around?”
Shen Huanzai《natural》The two papers published above,Has spread throughout the academic world。
Even the newspapers and magazines of the center praised Shen Huan.,Not to mention the media on the Internet。
Thanks to Shen Huan,Countless people finally know《natural》with《science》What is the magazine。
Zhou Xilan naturally knew,So it makes sense to make fun of Shen Huan。
“Classmate Zhou,I think you are itchy。”Shen Huan gave a light cough,“In that case,You just follow me to study physics,Swim in the ocean of knowledge!”
“cut!”Zhou Xilan gave him a white look。
“Don’t you believe it。”Shen Huan smiled,“I’ll turn around and tell your grandpa,He must have promised in tears。”
Zhou Xilan is a little panicked now,She pulled down Shen Huan’s clothes,“No walk!”