Someone did not see the scene,Think is a 气 body,Can’t help but exclaim。

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气 body,Many masters can do,Even if it is forbidden,Can also achieve qi and blood protection body。
But whether it is qi or qi,Can only attach it to the body surface,They have never seen someone can reach the 护 护.。
Just this,It is a lot of people in the town.。
The woman is also shocked.。
When I was played with summer,The other party can not show this ability。
Although it is shocked。
“神 神 降 我。”
Her voice does not have any emotional fluctuations,Double eyes cold and eye-catching summer,No emotions of humans。
At the same time, there is a powerful momentum,Chemical or shadow,Rapid to summer。
Two people have collided,I actually issued a good sound,Speed high-speed attack at the same kind of naked eye can’t capture。
All surveyors are all in a single battle.。
I didn’t expect the woman to give up the power.,Choose to fight with summer,And the bucket is quite。
Especially the sound collided with,It seems that I am in a trint.。
“What is this??”
Even the southern girl is a bit surprised。
Black dark king laughs,“Not an abilities,This is a secret law for sacrifice.,It is a unique secretary of the land of Oriental Lushan and Huizhen District。”
“Yes?”Southern women flashing a worry。
Dark king slightly turned,It means that deep and long eyes,Continue to see the military farm。
Women’s arms are like two steel whip,Paddy body is more refined steel,It seems that it is not a bloody body,Fist。
Make each of her hit,The surrounding air will break a twisted turbulence,Whistling the wind,Sharp voice,Fierce。
And her eyes,It seems to have lost human emotions,Ice Cold Stand Summer,Even the sound has changed,Hoarse and indifferent。
“I didn’t make my last time,神 神 降 我,You can’t help me.,Kill god,Today, I want you thousands of knives.!”
This picture is very evil,Sound does not fluctuate,Like a cold body talking。
The 铿铿 聩 聩 聩 不 不,Both people,Fast speed to the ultimate,Changer on the play of the Warm,Leave a debris。
“But it is a bug.,Dare to call it?”
Summer sound,冷 光,Clothes drizzle,Shot。
“Today, Laozi smashed your body.。”
Reach,Lift your legs,Surrounded by the sound of the wind,The surrounding air seems to be in summer,I am like a ghost sound spread。