“kill him!Go together!”

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Ghost hand and abyss women’s face change,Summer killing killing let them sit hard。
More than forty masters in the field rushed up,Disabled,Knife swordshot shine。
But immediately one of them sent a miserable call.,“what……”
Summer void,The snake knife dropped in the field was photographed by him.,It turned out to be in the heart of a master.。
He step a few steps,He fell to the ground,Convulsted a few times, no movement。
Things are too sudden,No one didn’t think that summer actually can overhavery,Especially the trajectory of the snake knife,It’s just like a legendary royal sword.。
“Don’t be afraid of him,Everyone together。”
“He is seriously injured.,How long does it take?。”
Summer faceless expression,Odor。
Sign in ghosts and abyss women without a touch of emotions。
Snake knife fly quickly in the palm,Welcome to many masters of rushing。
At this moment,He felt its own changes,And unparalleled powerful,As if a punch can break this world。
In vivo bursting out of the thunder,A force of the momentum,Take the air within ten meters centered,It is as if it is invisible‘Trend’Shrouded。
When countless knives swords,He is like a lightning, which is generally left behind.,Recreation of the frightened thunder,A knife。
A blood arrow,Snake knife is cold,No, no, half-point blood。
Subsequent,He is in the same place,The figure is like transient transients.,Around another,一 一 一,The person’s skull actually fell from the chest cavity,Summer, his head。
Just a short moment,The play of the martial arts sounded more than a dozen screams,Bloody water is red。
The battle under the two overlord will of course be a weak life.。
Some people show abilities,Someone remote attack,Some people have lost shadow,A temporary light is illuminated in the past,It looks like countless fireworks in bloom。
Summer has already entered‘Trend’status,All remote attacks have been successfully resolved。
And this‘Trend’,Obviously……As long as‘Trend’Cover range,He seems to become dominated。
He faintly has a feeling,Your current state is only temporary,It is impossible to stay for a long time。
And he guess,I am very likely to touch now.……To the threshold!
at the same time。
On the top of the roof on the left,The veil is quiet,Wet sea breeze,A white dress is slowly dancing,It’s like fairy。
Stand with Victoria,It’s also looking at。
It’s just a heavy doubt between her eyebrows.,It’s like thinking about what you can’t understand.。
When she is brought here,The other party did not tell her one sentence,Just hoping to look down on the military farm。
“He thought you were killed.。”
Just like thinking,The veil is faint。
Not waiting for her to ask,Opponent,“In this way, you can completely stimulate his qi and killing.,I don’t want to spend hard feeling.。”
“senior,you are……”Victoria carefully inquiry。