Qin Liang’s question。

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“Hurt me so much!”
Shen Ruoxue didn’t answer Qin Liang’s question positively,Just a painful answer,Tears are still falling down。
She can’t answer Qin Liang’s question……
And she doesn’t need to answer Qin Liang’s question anymore,Because Qin Liang has seen the watermark on her body!The watermark is clearly printed on Shen Ruoxue’s chest。
“It seems too prominent and sometimes it’s not a good thing。”
Qin Liang said with a wry smile。
“To shut up!”
Yanzi immediately scolded Qin Liang。
Because Shen Ruoxue wears fewer clothes and thinner,Her skin is very delicate,And the swan has a heavy bite,So Shen Ruoxue was really hurt。
Seeing Shen Ruoxue crying,The girls are all around。
“Let’s find a toilet,Untie your clothes and let me see,I have ointment。”
Liu Xiaoyun smiled and said。
Shen Ruoxue nodded immediately and agreed,That ointment can relieve pain immediately,So she needs that ointment very much now。
“Xiaoyun and I go with Xiaoxue,You continue to play here。”
Yanzi said to everyone。