There is nothing to do even at home,With Shen Ruoxue,It’s impossible for him to have sex with Liu Xiaoyun alone。Yang Shiyun also got off work on time today,Because she was going to buy something for Du Shanshan and her new-born daughter,Express your feelings。So by accident,Where she chooses to buy things,It is also the best in Haishang City

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Bustling commercial street,Qin Liang and Shen Ruoxue,Liu Xiaoyun where they are at the moment。
I don’t know how many times this is a coincidence,But there is providence,Destiny is sometimes arranged like this,You will always be at unexpected times and places,Meet someone you are destined to meet!Yang Shiyun came out after having dinner in the city bureau canteen,So after she came to the commercial street,Just start shopping and find what you want to buy,But she didn’t think about what she was going to buy,Because she has no experience,Don’t know
Who should I ask,She wanted to call her home and ask her mother,But when I thought of the danger of getting married,She gave up this idea decisively……
Stroll on the street,Yang Shiyun is the same as Shen Ruoxue,Gradually attracted by the surrounding streetscape,Started looking around curiously,Stop by for some novel and fun things from time to time。
then,She and Qin Liang met again by accident……At a small fork in the road with relatively few people,Yang Shiyun and Shen Ruoxue who are both wandering about the street scene,Liu Xiaoyun bumped into each other!This is also a very magical thing!Three Kung Fu masters,I can walk into each other head-on
Body!And there are so many people here in Shen Ruoxue,Including Qin Liang,No one actually saw Yang Shiyun approaching in advance!
The three people who bumped into each other apologized in unison at the same time,Then I saw each other at the same time……
“Oh my God!Am I dreaming!”
Shen Ruoxue immediately yelled out in surprise!The passers-by around immediately all looked at her!
“Hush,Be quiet,soy Mujer!Scare others again,Ha ha。”
Yang Shiyun said with a smile,Although she was also very surprised and pleasantly surprised,But her concentration is better than Shen Ruoxue after all,Liu Xiaoyun and the others are much more abundant,So after the surprise,She is still calm,Very calmly。
“Old sister,Why are you here!”
Liu Xiaoyun’s overjoyed question。
“I heard you two are naughty again,So I came here to catch you two and go back to spanking。”
Yang Shiyun joked。
“We two are not naughty, OK?!We two are very well-behaved。”