Actually, if Mo Xiaosheng didn’t promise Yueren King,He said he was going to exchange this ice toad for Yuerenwang’s little niece,At this time, he will definitely agree to Shouqing’s request without any hesitation.,But since I promised Yuerenwang,Mo Xiaosheng can’t break his promise,Even though he is sure to win Shou Xiaoqing,But after all, no matter how sure,Dare not say it is 100%,So he has to be considerate。

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“Shou Lao,Can you change your bet,Even if you want all my belongings,Or I want my Moxin Medical Center and my reputation,I will never frown!”
Mo Xiaosheng frowned and looked at Shouqing,Shen Sheng said,He can bankrupt his family,You can also lose your reputation,But he can’t abandon his promise to others!
This is the principle of Mo Xiaosheng’s life,Macho,Indomitable,Integrity,Heavier than life!
“Ha ha,President Mo,You look down on my old man too much,I have money,What do i want your money for?”
Shou Qing glanced at Mo Xiaosheng,Ha ha smiled,“As for your reputation,I’m even less interested,My Shouqing’s reputation throughout Southern Jiangsu and even China,It’s not how young you are!”
What he meant is already obvious,This time he came for Mo Xiaosheng, the Tianshan Ice Toad!
“Mo Xiaosheng,Don’t dare to be more submissive,What to pretend!”
Shou Xin seized the opportunity to humiliate Mo Xiaosheng severely,Cold voice,“okay,Your medical skills are nothing but this,Remember to respect our Shou family in the future,You shit, President of Chinese Medicine,It’s just cheating the world!”
Mo Xiaosheng’s face changed after hearing this,Sharp eyes swept across the Shou family who sang a peace,Cold voice,“it is good,I promise you,I use this ice toad as a bet!”
“it is good,Bold!”
Shou Qing looked overjoyed after hearing this,The whole person is suddenly full of energy,Seeing Mo Xiaosheng’s eyes were full of smiles,It feels like a fish is hooked。
“I bet this ice toad,I don’t know what Shou Lao is going to bet on?!”
Mo Xiaosheng looks at Shou Xiaoqing,Squinted and said coldly,A faint chill suddenly flashed across his face。
“President Mo, but it’s okay,Whatever i can do,I will never refuse!”
Shou Qing said proudly。