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“Ok,early,Go training”
First348chapter Again!(4K)
Xu Xuan introduced to Zhang Tao the specific layout of the Banker’s Life Arena along the way,While accepting Ma Cheng’s interview。
Along the way,Many players and staff greeted Xu Xuan actively and enthusiastically。
This made Ma Cheng and his group of small followers very surprised,Because besides pickled peppers,Even if the walkers are famous“Earth Snake”Roy·Hibbert and David·West was the one who spoke first,And you must say“Boss”.
Is Xu Xuan’s position in the Pacers so high??
It seems that outside speculation is still too conservative,Xu Xuan, who is the boss?,Xu Xuan is simply the boss。
in comparison,Compared with the U.S. Union they interviewed before,Just one sky and one earth.
When Uzbek was in the Bucks,,He’s a shy big boy at all,Not good at communicating with people,Even the relationship between teammates and coaches is average,Coupled with poor performance,So that later the Bucks were very impatient with him,Just deal with him,The performance behind is getting worse and worse。
The Ma Cheng team took the initiative to greet Xu Xuan among the players and staff,I have seen their sincere respect for Xu Xuan。
Moreover,No one would perform such a scene for a small interview。
A whole day of interviews passed,At noon, Xu Xuan invited Ma Cheng’s team to have a meal in the walkers’ cafeteria。