Pick up the notebook,He went to the second floor,The second floor is for his studio,Office equipment。

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Sit down at the desk in the room,Lin Dong turned on the computer,Enter the author background。
really,A few stations are short,Notify the novel status has been released,The next chapter isVIPchapter。
have to say,Novel achievements up to now,It’s already a real explosion。
Lin Dong is very happy,I also look forward to the results of the subscription,then,He pulled out the deposit,Start to explode。
More than 100,000 words exploded in one breath,Lin Dong just stopped。
Light a cigarette,Leaning on the boss chair,Look at the night outside the city。
Do not know why,Tonight,Somewhat lonely!
Tianlan Court,Villa Seven,Samui’s car drove into the garage。
Come home,Samui will take a bath first,After taking a bath。
Just wear loose pajamas,With loose hair,There is no image in front of the balcony French windows,Sat down,The floor is covered with green bamboo mats。
There is also a cushion,Samui took the tablet casually,Lazily leaning on the cushion。
Did not turn on the tablet immediately,But look out of the French window first,Bright night view of the city。
Eyes are tired and lonely,There is still a loss。
Don’t know what’s thinking!
For a while,She looked back,Turn on the tablet,Open the novel website,Open the bookshelf,Found Lin Dong’s novel Ghost Blowing Lantern。
Samui now knows,This is written by Lin Dong,Can’t help being curious,How does this guy have such a weird imagination。