How to maintain health all year round?

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The top word is summarized

How to maintain health all year round?
The top word is summarized

Speaking of seasonal health, is it a bit strange to hear it for the first time?

Seasonal health is a TCM terminology. In fact, people adjust their diet and work and rest according to the season and time, so that their body can reach the most suitable state corresponding to the time, and at the same time reach the most healthy state.

For example, everyone can understand what is called seasonal health.

For example, in winter, you should wear a cotton jacket. You can’t wear short sleeves. In summer, you have to wear short sleeves and can’t wear cotton jackets. In fact, this is the truth, but seasonal health is more than this.

There are many contents of seasonal health care, but they can be based on the regularity of the four-time rules, and the rules of health preservation at four o’clock can be summarized by adverbs, that is, “spring, summer, autumn, winter”.

Next, we explain one by one: 1, spring and spring, what is called Chunsheng?

It is the spring season when yang is born, the yang of the natural world is constantly prolonged, and the flowers and trees are able to emerge from the buds. This is a thriving scene, which is a good state of rising yang.

At this time, the human body is also in line with the rise of the yang in the spring, and self-improvement of the yang.

The best way to maintain your health is to spread your hair, wear loose clothes, and exercise more to help your yang rise.

In the spring, you should also go to bed early and get up early. This is also a way to raise Yang.

2, summer long summer, the grass grows long, the flowers and trees are also the time to grow faster, the human body must also conform to the natural attributes of summer at this time, this time, the human body is more suitable for late sleep early, can increase the working time properly,This time is a period of long-term maintenance.

3, autumn harvest autumn harvest, this is very understandable, in the fall, many crops began to harvest, this is a harvest season, so the autumn harvest is also based on a situation like nature.

In the autumn, the common people have such a saying, “Put Qiuqiu”. In fact, this is also a method of autumn harvest. As long as the proper diet in autumn, properly maintain yourself, don’t be too tired, these are the ones for their autumn harvest.Kind of conservation.

4, winter Tibetan winter Tibetan is in the winter, you should protect your own essence and yang, do not have too much activity, is a state of maintenance for yourself.

This can be grounded from the hibernation of many animals in nature. In fact, winter hides are basically such a state.

In fact, through the development of the times, the theory of seasonal health is constantly expanding, but in the final analysis, all the things that follow the cycle of time, do the most suitable things, and ensure the healthiest health can be regarded as seasonal health.