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write, ignominiously sobbed. When Daddy Aleck had gone, I remonstrated with Mamma. I did not see how we could get on without the old man, and he did not want to go, he would be content to 鏉窞澶滅敓娲诲皬濮?stay if he had his food and clothes as usual, and I thought it was cruel.

Mamma said, 鈥淐hild, you don鈥檛 understand; Aleck really wants to stay now, but I have no right to keep him. He is a valuable groom and hostler, can manage and drive any horses, and he can easily get a good place in Georgetown, whereas I could not only not pay him, but I could not possibly feed him as he has been accustomed to be fed, sugar and coffee and tea and all the meat he wanted. We barely have what will keep the household, and a very little coffee and tea. As{285} to clothing him, that means a heavy outlay and is out of the question.鈥?

As I still argued, she said, 鈥淢y dear Bessie, why make things harder for me? Try and trust to my desire to do the best I can under great trial and strain.鈥?Of course, I was ashamed of my self, and tried to say so; but I am 鏉窞涓濊浼氭墍骞插槢鐨?a stubborn brute and find it hard to say I鈥檓 sorry even when I am.

Aug. 1st. My days are so happy. I cut and contrive new garments out of old, and sew and dream as I sew. Brother鈥檚 wife, Ellen, is very pretty and very sweet, but very ill, it seems to me. She cannot walk or do anything but lie still and read and talk; this last she is always ready to do, and while I rub her, as I do twice a day to try and give some strength to her limbs, she talks most entertainingly. She has been a great belle and was engaged to three other men when she married Brother. She was surprised when she first told me and I appeared shocked. It seems, in Texas, it is thought nothing of, but I solemnly advised her not to mention it here, at which she laughed heartily. Afterwards, I could not help laughing myself, for Brother has had rather a varied career in 鏉窞澶滅敓娲绘湁浠€涔堝ソ鐜╃殑 the way of engagements, but I did not tell her this.{286}

I have been crazy to have some low necked waists to wear in the late afternoon and evenings. I always used to dress for the evenings, and I am so tired of these everlasting calico frocks which we are all wearing. Papa was lucky enough to get a piece of purple calico two years ago, which ran the Blockade. We were enchanted, it was rather a pretty pattern, purple stripes on a white ground and a little flower in each stripe. We were much in need of frocks so Mamma had made for us each two dresses 鏉窞娲楁荡鎸夋懇涓績 and she had two herself. From that day we have been in uniform. I cut my waist myself so as to have it different. I made a Russian blouse and embroidered the shoulder straps and sleeves and belt in black, but, alas, the difference is only waist deep. The rest is just like the


other eight!鏈夎皝鐭ラ亾鏉窞鐨勭偖缇?Two weeks ago I had a brilliant idea. Della鈥檚 bedroom curtains were pink and white chintz and were lined with pink paper cambric. The sun has faded the linings hopelessly into every shade of yellow and brown, in some places almost white. That gave me the thought that if I bleached those linings, I might have some white material to make into waists, so I went to th

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