Speaking of Richmond, he sullenly broke through to Kobe,The top power on the back line directly carried Kobe into it!

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Chapter 391 The third playoff triple-double in history!!!(3K,Ask for monthly pass at the end of the month!)
Richmond buried himself in the breakthrough,And Kobe’s power is definitely not as good as his,Kobe slides back continuously。
While retreating,Kobe pays great attention to Richmond’s emergency stop jumper,You know Richmond’s projection ability is very strong,In this age of iron and blood,Even a breakthrough expert like Hill cannot create enough offensive space for his teammates.,Win average25.9Minute。
Richmond has a very handsome jumper,Kobe knows this well。Many people are shocked by Richmond’s physique,Cause blindly step back,In the end, Richmond’s sudden mid-range jumper was knocked down。
Kobe clung to Richmond,Maintain a position that can interfere with shooting while not being missed by Richmond,Control of this defensive distance,No more than five players in the league can have this ability。This is also very loud in the media,Reasons why Kobe should enter the league’s best defensive team。
Richmond wanted to find the phone several times in a row,But none of them got rid of Kobe。
Damn!do not care!Rushed!
Richmond got a hot head,Think of Kobe’s provocation,A fierce guy slammed Kobe to the Lakers basket。
Three kick!Just crushing Kobe to layup!
“Snapped!”Kobe got the ball up in Richmond for a moment,The hand accurately hit the ball。Kobe’s sense of defensive distance allowed him to complete a wonderful and clean defense。
“MOTHERF*KER!”Richmond clapped his hands,And chased after the basketball that was knifed。