Beibei Wenyan,Just shook his head silently……

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Xu Sanshi couldn’t help but mute……
Jiang Nannan next to Beibei’s face is not good,Never asked the latter,But towards Qianyu Road“Qianyu,What exactly happened?”
Ma Xiaotao’s beautiful eyes also look towards Qianyu,Waiting for her explanation……
Qianyu gave Beibei a glance,Explained“Youxiang Qiluo’s fairy product eliminates the evil nature of Tang Ya sister,But her spirit is still an evil spirit,So I can only say that it was half done!”
Jiang Nannan frowned“How could this be!Can’t even Xiancao succeed?!”
Ma Xiaotao doubted“What should I do now?Is there really no way??”
Qianyu Helpless Road“I’ll take Tang Ya to Clear Sky School soon,Maybe there is a way to help Sister Tang Ya”
Xu Sanshi was puzzled“Won’t babe go??”
Jiang Nannan and Ma Xiaotao glared at the former,Beibei looks like this now,how to get to?
Beibei Wenyan,Expressionlessly“It’s not about Three Stones,Because I am too weak……”
Because I am weak,So I have to ask Qianyu to save my beloved woman!
Stop talking,Beibei buried her head and left slightly alone……
Xu Sanshi saw Beibei decisively leave,Out channel“Hey!Babe,Wait for me!”
Then towards Qianyu Sansan Road“Miss Tao,Nan Nan,Qianyu,I’ll go see Beibei first”