Long Ming Yue Sound,The beauty is like the elderly cold ice.。

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“Ha ha。Please,We and they also have a long time.,I want to drink tea with a dream.!”
Lin Feng,Ridiculous,Mingdu day and others have laughed,Lin Feng and Dragon Day are in the forefront。
Ridiculous,The meditation is the move behind Lin Feng,Long balance,Long Mingyue and the two are walking together,As for the fish and cold jade and others and other greeted dragons walk in the end。
“Lin brother,All the way。”Dragon day laughs:“Head, come to our dragon.?”
“Indeed,Be worthy of Dragon,I have to know that there is such a holy place in this world.。”Lin Feng smiled and appreciated:“Can also have a character of the three peaks。”
“Lin brother,You will talk too much.。”Dragon day laughs:“Take the liberty question,What is the realm of Lin brother?I practice Dragon Peer-to-Tongtong Nine God Ophthalmology,Why don’t you read a brother??”
Tell this,Ridiculous,Long balance,Long Mingyue,The context is alive.。
Ask others’s cultivation is a taboo of the practice,All the gods and any area are the same。
“I have a special practice.,Dasheng realm。”Lin Fengqian, laughing:“So can’t see it, it is normal.。”
“so it is,I am a little tale.。”Dragon day laughs。
“Brother,It’s polite to say this.,Our practitioners discuss the practice of very normal things.。”Lin Feng Road:“This will promote the progress of practice。”
“Lin Xiong said this, I am a little bit of a bit.。”
At this time, a cold and pleasant voice came from behind.,Take a cold and calm:“I am afraid that people like Lin Xion hope this.,As for the dragon, it doesn’t need it.。”
The people who talk are Dragon Mingyue。
Longming Moon is cold,Beautiful sweeping,With a hint of high,It is better to say that Buddha Lin Feng is in the eyes of her eyes.。
Dragon Day:“Have no gift!”
“Day brother,do not do that,I like to discuss this way.,it is good,This dragon,You mean, I understand。”Lin Feng turned over and looked at Long Mingyue Road.:“My people are martial arts,Can’t compare with other elements。”
“good,You can listen!”Long Mingyue carrying hands,The beauty looks at Lin Feng with disdain.。
“If you think this is wrong?,First of all,I admit that the people of the people are not falling,Far far and can’t match the 12th majors of the gods。”Lin Feng carrying hands smiles:“But enough to have a higher power。”
“Humph,A higher?The people who have survive now have no space.。”Long Mingyue snorted:“This is the enemy in your eyes.?”
“Ha ha,No living space?That’s because my people face the face of too large.,Today, I am in the world.,Sweeping Milay Sanzhou,Take the artifact,Now my family is still safe and sound.!”Lin Feng said with a smile:“This doesn’t need my debate!”
“Humph,How long can I have??”Long Mingyue snorted。
“I can tell you responsibly.,Eternal people eternal!”Lin Feng looked at Long Mingyue Road:“All right,I am not a representative of people today.,It is the monette of the monarch,I don’t want to argue with you.,If you don’t care,I am standing here.,You can shake me,Calculate me to lose。”
“it is good,I will attack now,Arrogant!”Long Mingyue Cold Tao,She is filled with a horrible breath.,With boundless killing。
“Long Mingyue is enough,Lin brother is the guests we invited.!”
Just at this time, the dragon day and the sky is mixed into the water.,He directly sinking,His figure took directly to the center of the two people.。
“Humph!”Long Mingyue snort,Standing aside。
“Ha ha,I am also joking,This bundle is a gift,Gave a sacred girl。”Lin Feng haha smiles,Big sleeve,A bunch of glamorous condolences are in void。
Falling to Long Ming Yue。
Cooperative flowers,Unparalleled,Bright as Hua。