“One-class first Tian Lingbao,This matter is right to reach an agreement,As long as the Temple of Temple, I agree to this matter.,I will give you the gods in the sky.。”Lin Feng looked at the Xian Tianjian:“And you have to tell me some news about the blood sea god.。”

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“Lin Feng,Don’t get inch!”Xian Tianjian Wen Yan Yao:“First-class first Tian Lingbao did not,This matter is made,Not even,Daddy, two scattered,I am looking at the people,Why don’t you care about the knife and Tang!”
“it is good,it is good,it is good,This is said,After drinking, I’m going to the Temple of the Temple.!”Lin Feng didn’t want to be entangled with this old guy.,Now turn over the chair drinking。
“it is good!”
The fairy sword walked over the face.:“Lin Feng,I admire you more,Come,Old hands, you respect you!”
“Palace,You are welcome。”Lin Feng picked up the wine glass。
“There is also the sin of the fairy red stone and the fairy bird.,Please forgive me,I hope that Lin Temple will let them go.。”Xian Tianjian takes the wine cup。
“it is good,But then they don’t look for me.,I definitely won’t find them trouble.,correct,I didn’t see them recently.?”Lin Feng was surprised:“What mission they go to do??”
“Oh,Since Lin Demon is not looking for them, even if it is troublesome.,They have implemented a very dangerous task.。”Fairy day sword:“Come,White brother,drink,Your eyes are unique。”
“Tianjian brother award award。”White robe:“I respect the sword brother a cup。”
The central area of the Arrange Temple Notification Area,Floating a temple here,This temple is full of great breath,God light flashes,High height floats over the ruling area of the Arrange Temple。
Here is the core of the Monteranteen Temple,Here is the real temple,The body is an artifact,Name as the god clock。
The creation of the god is all the days33One of the artifacts。
The godship and the birth of hundreds of millions of years,A total of born between the heavens and the earth33Artifact,This33Every one of the artifacts has anti-day power.,Crack one side,It is a great force.。
The founder of the Shentou Temple won the god clock,This is created in the Montera Temple。
The Shentou Temple is based on,Harvesting the bell,Coat the air transport of the Shentou Temple,Making the god bell controller is the main hall,Usually, the temple of the temple is in the painful。
Here is the place where the Temple of the Temple is summoned to the Many Division of the Hall and the elderly.,And not everyone is eligible to enter the Temple Headquarters。
Must have a semi-step tribune,Or you are condensed with the god pulse, you are eligible to enter here.,And will not let you wait too long。
Walking a few movements in the voids in the distance,It is Lin Feng,White robe,Swordsman。
“Worthy of artifact!”Lin Feng looked at the core heart of the Montera Temple.,This is the real artifact。
At the beginning, there was a time and space of the monster.,Unfortunately, the Tempire of Time and Space has already broken into three sections.,Even if you are together,Also far more than the artifacts in front of you,The top is much better than the general first-class first Tianling treasure.。
“Lin Feng,You are also qualified to practice here,The time here is very horrible。”White robe laughs。
“forget it,Not suitable for me。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“I am very special。”
“It’s a bit curious.,What kind of exercises have been practiced by Lin Dynasty?Why never have seen?And the killing is so horrible?”At this time, the fairy sword suddenly opened the mouth.。
“This is my homemade。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“You also know that my family is not a blood of this path.,But by understanding the martial arts,Condensation。”
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Chapter 1,622 Temple
“indeed so。”Xian Tianjian Wen Yan Tao Tao:“However, the martial arts of my Lalong Temple will seem to have a relationship with the Chen Tong of anyone.,It seems independent of a system。”
“Xian Temple,You lift me too much.,I have this magic。”Lin Feng’s heart is slightly vigilant,This old guy is too poisonous.。
“Oh,so it is。”Xian http://www.anjiazuche.cnTianjian is only a touch of nodding.,Follow the front。
Three people have come to the door of the temple.,Suddenly Lin Feng felt that the vast amount of breath。
“Lin Feng,Use the power of the hand of the fate to suppress me,quick!”At this time, the voice of the sea sounded:“The owner of the Temple has a god clock,Insight is not small。”
“it is good!”
Lin Feng heard a little bit,Immediately, the power of a mighty fate is wrapped in the whole body,The blood of the blood of Xuanhuang has changed the earth.,The whole person’s breath is very ordinary。