No longer have bye sleeves

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No longer have “bye sleeves”

Do not lose weight in March, April is sad.
Are you still worried about worshipping your sleeves? Do you always think this is the most difficult part to reduce?
The following experts recommend several ways to get rid of the “bye sleeves”, so that you can reduce the meat, but also strengthen the body, everyone quickly learn.
銆€銆€[Top and bottom]The upper and lower type is mainly for the exercise of the back and biceps.
Find a strong, high table and lie under the table.
Then grab the edge of the table with both hands, pull up, pull the body up, close to the table, then the neck should be straight, feel the strength of the arm muscles.
銆€銆€After pulling up your body, keep it for 1 minute, then lower your body.
Repeat for a few minutes or until your body is tired.
In addition to doing under the table, you can also find a pole or broom handle, which is placed on top of two stools.
銆€銆€[Extension]The part of the stretching exercise is the position of the shoulders and lower arms of the body.
Prepare two 1 to 2 pound dumbbells.
Stand straight, spread your feet to meet the same width, hold a dumbbell on each side of the hand, lift your hands down to the ground, then bend your elbows, then straighten, bend and straighten for 1 minute.can.
銆€銆€[One-arm type]This is the purpose of exercising triceps.
First sit on the ground, put away your legs, put your feet on the ground, let the feet of your legs close together, then put your hands on the hips about 30 cm away, the arms are the same width as the shoulders, and the fingers are facing the hips.
銆€銆€Then support the ground with your arms, lift your hips off the ground, and then bend your left elbow so that your hips sink to the ground, but don’t sit on the ground.
The left arm is restored and straightened, and the right elbow is bent to make an action.
Take turns alternately for 1 minute.
銆€銆€[Jumping rope type]This type of action mainly exercises the part of the shoulder.
First prepare a skipping rope, holding the ends of the rope in both hands, the palms up, ready to jump.
When you skip the rope, you can grasp the rhythm and slowly open the arms while ensuring that the skipping rope can proceed normally.
Continue to jump for two minutes.
This type of action can make the arm turn a large circle and fully mobilize the muscle movement of the arm.
銆€銆€[Push-up sitting]First, the body is squatted, the two hands support the ground, the distance between the hands and the shoulders are wide, and the fingers of both hands are directed toward the outer side of the body, and the state of the whole body is like a state of doing push-ups.
The elbows of the next two hands are bent while moving the center of the body to the right and the body tilting to the right.
銆€銆€Then move the center of the body back to the middle, then move the center to the left again, and then move back and forth for a minute.
It lasts longer and can stop when you get tired.
銆€銆€[Stretching the side of the bottle]Step1 Stand with your legs apart, shoulder width, arms stretched to the sides of the body, one fist, and the other hand holding a bottle filled with water.
銆€銆€Step2 Lift up the arm holding the water bottle, keep the back straight and look straight ahead.
銆€銆€Step3 Stretch the upper body and arms to the side of the boxer, then slowly raise the arm to the same line as the body.
Repeat 25 times on each side and 50 times on the left and right sides.
銆€銆€[Pingal Rotation]Step1 Stand with your legs apart, shoulder width, and your arms are naturally placed on your sides.
銆€銆€Step2 Both arms are lifted to the sides, palms outward, fingertips up, arms parallel to the shoulders.
銆€銆€Step3 Relax your shoulders and slowly rotate the arms in a small circular motion.
A group of 3 times, a total of 20 groups were repeated.
銆€銆€[Post chair presses down]Step1 stands in front of a chair, legs are separated from the hips, and the arms are naturally placed on both sides of the body.
銆€銆€Step2 Sit on the chair, hold your hands on the chairs on both sides of the body, take a step forward, the other leg is up, the heel is on the ground, and the toes are facing up.
銆€銆€Step3 The hips are slightly off the chair and do not touch the chair.
At this time, the shoulders and hips should be in a straight line.Then bend the elbows, slowly lower the top, and move up and down for a total of 15 times, then return to the starting position and rest for a while.

Do a total of 3 groups.