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calm, quietly listening and accepting everything he said, agreeing again and again. Miriam sat wondering impatiently why they could not stay. Here in this quiet place with this quiet old man, the only place in the world where anyone had seemed partly to understand, mother might get better. He could help. He knew what the world was like and 鏉窞姘寸(鎷変笣浼氭墍 that nobody understood. He must 鏉窞spa閰掑簵 know that he ought to keep her. But he did not seem to want to do anything but advise them and send them


away. She hated him, his serene white-haired pink-faced old age. He
told them he was seventy-nine and had never taken a dose in his life. Leaving his patient to sip 鏉窞瓒崇枟鎶€甯堣緭鍑?a glass of water into which he had measured drops of tincture he took Miriam to look at the greenhouse behind his consulting room. As soon as they were alone he told her speaking quickly and without benevolence and in the voice of a younger man that she 鏉窞娌瑰帇鐖借 must summon help, a trained attendant. There ought to be someone for night and day. He seemed to know exactly the way in which she had been taxed and spoke of her youth. It is very wrong for you to be alone with her he added gravely.

Vaguely, burning with shame at the confession she explained 鏉窞瀹跺涵寮忎細鎵€ that it could not be afforded. He listened attentively and repeated that it was absolutely necessary. She felt angrily for words to explain the uselessness of attendants. She was sure he must know this and wanted to demand that he should help, then and there at once, with his quiet house and his 鏉窞妗戞嬁鎸夋懇鍝効濂?knowledge. Her eye covered him. He was only a pious old man with artificial teeth making him speak with a sort of sibilant woolliness. Perhaps he too knew that in the end even this would fail. He made her promise to write for help and refused
a fee. She 鏉窞鐢峰+鍏荤敓spa hesitated helplessly, feeling the burden settle. He indicated that he had said his say and they went back.

On the way home they talked of the old man. 鈥淗e is right; but it is too late鈥?said Mrs. Henderson with clear quiet bitterness, 鈥淕od has deserted me.鈥?They walked on, tiny figures in a 鏉窞娲楁荡浼氭墍 world of huge grey-stone houses. 鈥淗e will not let me sleep. He does not want me to sleep…. He does not care.鈥?

A thought touched Miriam, touched and flashed. She grasped at it to hold and speak it, but it passed off into the world of grey houses. Her cheeks felt hollow, her feet heavy. She summoned her strength, but her body seemed outside her, empty, pacing forward in a world full of perfect unanswering silence.

The bony old woman held Miriam clasped closely in her arms. 鈥淵ou must never, as long as you live, blame yourself my gurl.鈥?She went 鏉窞瓒虫荡姹熷崡鏄ヨ壊 away. Miriam had not heard her come in. The pressure of her arms and her huge body came from far away. Miriam clasped her hands together. She could not feel


them. Perhaps
she had dreamed that the old woman had come in and said that. Everything was dream; the world. I shall not have any life. I 鐖辨澀宸為緳鍑ょ綉 can never have any life; all my days. There were cold tears running into her mouth. They had no salt. Cold water. They stopped. Moving her body with slow difficulty against the unsupporting air she looked

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