“You go to Dongwon too?”

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Beauty ask。
Looked at the space,Wearing plain clothes,But it looks cold。
Don’t like to say hello to others!
“Is not!”
Fang Yu knew this train would get off at Dongwon,But Fang Yu has to go back to Qingxin City first。
The beauty knows that Fang Yu is not a peer,Immediately lost interest。
Fang Yu didn’t care,Didn’t even care about the girl’s appearance!
Fang Yu is very tired now,Just want to rest!
Wait for Fang Yu to wake up,The beauty got out of the car long ago。
Fang Yu continued to return to Qingxin City。
“Dean Chang,What about the materials and other things for my training?”
Dean Chang was ready。
Directly to Fang Yu。
Fang Yu won’t say more,Hurry back with something。
Start packing。
all,All in a hurry!
Finished packing in Fang Yu,Phone rings。