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First754chapter Master Ruan helped negotiate the price(Three shifts)
Xie Yang understands,What Ruan Jiahao said is purely killing Shen Huan。
Ruan Jiahao held Shen Huan so high,It’s easy for Shen Huan to get off the stage,And bite the bullet7500Wan bought this bet,So that you lose everything。
The relationship between Xie Yang and Shen Huan is definitely not that good,Shen Huan’s loss had nothing to do with him,But Ruan Jiahao interjected,It’s because of Xie Yang again。
in other words,If Ruan Jiahao is so successful,Half of the reason lies on his Xie Yang。
Calm down after Shen Huan loses,Thinking about today,Can you not hate Xie Yang??
In this way,Xie Yang wants to be good at Shen Huan’s ideas,Not only failed,It caused trouble,Where can you tell Xie Yang to reason??
How could Master Ruan be afraid of Xie’s second child??
He ignored Xie Yang,Looking at Shen Huan with a smile,“carry on,carry on!When i don’t exist!”
Shen Huan also ignored Ruan Jiahao,Nodded to the boss。
The boss pretended to ask,Tao:“Teacher Lu is also the pride of our country,My son really admires you……How about this,look7400How about?”
“too expensive。”Shen Huan shook his head。
“What do you mean?”The boss is polite。
“1000Million!”Shen Huan came suddenly。
Jin Lu and Xiaoxue’s eyes widened,I thought you would bargain more than our women,Cut it directly at about one fold!!
The boss also laughed angrily,“Teacher Lu,We are serious about business!”
“I know。”Shen Huan,“But a stone of your size,Even in Tengchong,The price is not900Dowan,Sister Report in Ruili,at best700Ten thousand can win……If you are willing to go directly to Myanmar to trade with Lao Myanmar,500I’m afraid I won’t have it?”
Boss listen,The layman’s mockery and contempt immediately disappeared on his face。