“alright,We do need to keep some people in Avon,Since you don’t want to go back to Yunnan with us,Then help here。”Tang Xueqing rubbed her eyebrows tiredly。

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“Thanks a lot。”Nan Qianyu didn’t bother to speak,Turned around and left the office。
Underground base,Teleportation array。
Theoretically speaking, this function of teleportation can only be used freely by people with extremely high authority in God’s Domain.,As a rebel, the Holy Spirit Society obviously cannot have this level of authority。But as a person from another world, Mocator brought more than just information about Gaplos,He also brought many magics that did not originally belong to this world,And teleportation magic is one of them。
The base,The densely packed newcomers can’t see at a glance。They whispered in this hall in various languages,Although it is still a completely unknown journey for them,But their eyes are already a little more relaxed。After all, with such a powerful enemy、Compared to the environment in the rear,Yunnan, which has been completely controlled by the Holy Spirit Society, makes them more relieved。
The newcomers disappeared from the teleportation magic circle one by one,Soon there were only a few sparse figures left in the hall。
Looking at the skin color and appearance of the remaining few people, you know that they are all East Asians,Nan Qianyu has followed the left-behind personnel to deal with other things,Except for Ye Fan and Geng Zhiming,There is only a Malaysian Chinese girl and a Japanese boy wearing glasses。
Ye Fan is always outgoing,It just so happens that the Chinese girl is also a talkative master,When these two people talked, they had an endless posture.,Put the business aside。Seeing that there were almost four of them left in the entire hall,Geng Zhiming on the side finally couldn’t help it,Stepped on someone’s foot。
“I go,Geng Zhiming, what are you doing?”Ye Fan said in pain。
“Sorry Lin Ran,I think we should really go。”Geng Zhiming ignored him,Turned his head and smiled at the girl。
“……Oh,Sorry,I seem to be delayed。”The girl blushed,“Let’s go!”
And the Japanese boy who has been hiding in the corner seems to have made some major decision,Walked to the magic circle alone。
And the three chiefs standing next to the magic circle sent away the penultimate batch of newcomers.,Also stood inside the magic circle。
“take it easy。”Tang Xueqing smiled gently at these four people。
“Thanks minister。”Geng Zhiming also smiled。
As for Ye Fan,He is chatting with the new girl,Can’t take care of others。
“ありがとうございます。”(thanks for your care。)The Japanese boy answered cautiously。