Jing Chu’s phone rang。

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“Ok,Ok,I know,You take them to the hospital first。”
Jing Chu hangs up,Put down the phone。
Qin Shi nodded,This is what he expected。
“not enough,You hold on,hold on。”
Jing Chu frowned,Said:“Waiting what?This group of people will definitely come back again,Let’s take the initiative……”
Qin Shi waved his hand and said:“Don’t you understand,I’m putting a long line to catch a big fish,Beat these gangsters away,Not useful at all,The most important thing is to put those people behind,Hook out。”
“Those behind?”
Qin Shi smiled faintly,Looking at Jing Chu meaningfully。
“I remember that,I taught you,It’s not just fists and kicks。”
Jing Chu suddenly realized,indeed,Qin Shi usually not only teaches himself Kung Fu,Will teach some others。
do not know why,Qin Shi seems to be proficient in everything,He knows too much。
He really thought about it,When others think of this moment,Qin Shi already thought of the next moment。
It seems,I didn’t follow the wrong person。
“Qin Ge,Then now,We should keep these places open as usual,Waiting for the big fish to bait。”