“Brother Xiao Teng,What you said,Sell this without you6%Shares,I will tell you these trade secrets?”

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“Correct,Correct!Today happens to beGGShow opened for one month,Our total performance is7500Ten thousand,And added3000Million registered users,You take great credit,I thank you on behalf of the entire company!You saved usGGthe company。”
He also tasted the suffering of the world,At this time,Also deeply touched。
“okay,Don’t talk about these empty heads,I’m doing business with you again。”
“what business?Won’t you ask for shares again?,That’s not it!”Brother Xiao Teng is both looking forward to and wary of what I say。
“will not,will not,I’m not so greedy。Said directly,Two things,1、My girlfriend’s design,Must appear inGGThe first place in the show fee zone;2、Give me inGGAdvertise on the software,Advertising time three days。”
“Really just these two?Are there any other conditions??”Xiao Teng’s hesitant way,It feels not so simple。
Of course it’s not that simple,Because after a few years, he will spend tens of millions of high prices to buy the portal website I have,The cause is the advertisement he helped。
However, it was impossible for Brother Xiao Teng to put tens of millions in his eyes。
“Tell me about your girlfriend,I’ll let me check how the painting is,You have a share in this company,I can’t put everything up!”
After receiving the information,Brother Xiao Teng arranged for someone to check,In a while,The secretary came with the sketches。
Brother Xiao Teng took a look,Well painted,But the cartoon has Chinese painting style,Obviously this girl is better at Chinese painting,I had to arrange the design department to modify her,Should the family members of the company’s shareholders give special treatment?。
In fact, he is particularly interested in the ideas I will provide,Maybe he can accept even more excessive demands。
I said to Xiao Teng:“I have a suggestion for you,Universities are now open,The things we talked about before in school can be carried out。Also ourGGShow is on track,Can do nowGGMagic emoji。”
I putGGI introduced the creativity of the magic expression to Xiao Teng in detail。