However, the most explosive news,Still her relationship with Lu Hao Cheng Yunli。

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Some even ran out shouting, Let Lu Hao Cheng come out to clarify,no matter what the result is,I am willing to wait for a knife.。
pity,Lu Hao Cheng started from beginning to end,I haven’t said a word.。
NS678chapter:What is this,Shameful
But everyone is looking through autumn water,There is no wait for an answer or a word。
Lu Haocheng has no news,Blue Xin’s fashion week has become hot。
after all,Blue Xin is a topic queen during this time.。
As long as there is a little wind blowing,I will be excavated soon.,But the part of the parties have always been very low.,It’s so miserable by people.,Have a full network to black,All still calmly create their own ingenuity,Many people on the Internet also issued the sound of admire。
August 30,Also became a good day in the new steps on Blue Xin。
Everyone comments have also been released.。
My:“Already saved money waiting,Welcome my new。”
Love my national husband:“I am really bad.,but,Still need to support it。”
Pink:“Ugh!Blue Xin, this involves the entire Lu group,Fermentation is slowly enlarged。
but,Still support。”
Attached to a series of cute expressions。
Online comments,Both a wave of praise,The major platforms and news have been playing today.。
tonight,In addition to Gu Yi Lin,Everyone is all.,Even Gu An An also came back to eat,Go into the door,I saw the old lady of the hair white and elegant love.。
Gu An An was stunned at the time.,It’s going back to the New Year.,How did my grandmother come back??
And take care of the grandmother, I am surprised by Gu An’an.,Instantly sink your face,“how?
I haven’t died yet.,Are you surprised??”
Just throw a sentence。
Let Gu An’an whole nerves are tight。
Gu Anan knew that this old lady never liked her.,She is used to the days of Ansheng,Not like other people, work。
and,Gu family’s home is so good,I also don’t use her workstation.,She has always enjoyed everything that Gu Jia is given.,Like the family, spending luxury,Mom will not say what she is。
But http://www.fysanlultd.cnmy grandmother is different.,Grandma always feels too much,Not enough frugality,Unlike two brothers,When I read college, I will go out to work to learn social experience.。
She is a girl,And raise the great achievements,How can I pull my face to brush the plate?,Grandma is getting better and less than your attitude towards her.。
She and my brother,For the cannon gray。
At this time,A family sits and eats,Look at the news while eating。
Gu Yimei has already73Years old,A light green luxury suit,With luxury jewelry,Gray hair hot roll,Elegance,A favor,The corner of the mouth with a faint smile,Old flower mirror,A pair of lights are shine。
at this time,Be home except Gu Yi Lin,Sitting together for dinner。