Summer watermelon loses weight

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Summer watermelon loses weight

Some people think that watermelon is very sweet, so think that eating watermelon will not only lose weight, but will gain weight.

But this idea is not correct.

On the contrary, watermelon is a very good weight loss fruit, especially in the summer, girls are crazy to buy watermelon to relieve weight loss.

銆€銆€Below, we will introduce some healthy recipes for watermelon.

銆€銆€First, the melon skin tomato soup finished the melon meat, do not rush to throw away the melon skin, in fact, the nutritional value of the watermelon skin is also very high, and the taste is very fragrant.

Prepare about 200 grams of watermelon rind, one egg, one tomato, and a small amount of salt, MSG and sesame oil.

銆€銆€Cut the watermelon rind into thin strips, then cut the tomatoes into thin slices, and beat the eggs in a bowl.

Pour the water into the pot, put the hanging sticks in and boil them together, then add the tomatoes, eggs, and then add a little salt and MSG to the taste, and pour a small amount of sesame oil.

You can also put a little starch in the soup and then disperse the eggs, so you can eat the whole egg.

銆€銆€Second, the melon skin pickled red pepper prepared materials are about 300 grams of watermelon skin, a little red pepper, two green onions, and a small amount of salt and MSG.

銆€銆€Cut the watermelon rind into thin strips and sprinkle with a layer of salt on it.

Then the water decomposed in the watermelon rind is poured off and the remaining water is squeezed out.

The red pepper is also cut into filaments, then placed in a frying pan, put a small amount of salt, then pour the watermelon rind together and stir fry a few times. Finally, put the MSG on the fragrant pickled red pepper.