Signed Trailblazer for $ 14,490 a day, melon Anthony reemployed

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Signed Trailblazer for $ 14,490 a day, “melon” Anthony reemployed
On November 16, 2018, Anthony was laid off by the original team. In the past year, especially during the offseason, “Melon” was seeking to return to the NBA, and now he finally has the opportunity.Today, according to US media reports, the Blazers signed Anthony with an unsecured contract.Before being laid off last season, Anthony played 10 games, averaging 13 contributions.4 points, 5.4 rebounds, some data fell to a career low.However, in the two seasons of strength for the Knicks and Thunder, Anthony’s state has changed. At the same time, although his age has already passed the peak of his career, he is still one of the league’s strong attackers.Anthony, who worked hard this summer, finally waited for the opportunity.Image / Visual China has been looking for the next home since the trading restrictions were lifted on December 15 last year.Is it back to the old club Knicks, or join the Lakers to join James?Although all kinds of news came out, it eventually made a trip.This summer, several NBA teams have been linked with Anthony, and even the CBA team, the BIG3 league has thrown olive branches at “melon”.However, Anthony repeatedly said in an interview that the first appeal is to return to the NBA.Just before the start of the new season, it was reported that Anthony participated in the private training of the New York Knicks, and team executives also admitted this.However, the Knicks did not ultimately provide a contract to the former star Anthony.To this day, Anthony has successfully teamed up with the Blazers.According to reports, the two parties signed an unsecured contract. Anthony can get a daily salary of $ 14,490. If he corrects the cut before January 8, 2020, his contract will be converted to full guarantee.Although the Blazers reached the Western Conference finals last season, the start of the new season was poor, and they currently only have 4 wins and 8 losses.Not surprisingly, Anthony will usher in the Blazers’ debut in the away game on November 17.

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