Liu Xiaoyun secretly tried to resist several times,But I can’t move at all,On the contrary, even Qin Liang’s body was pressed on the sink,Can only be obediently bullied by Qin Liang。

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After a while, Qin Liang let go of Liu Xiaoyun,He actually didn’t want to let her go,But if you don’t let go,He will lose control,Hug Liu Xiaoyun outside,Thrown on the bed……
“Master……I beg you,You let me go,I’m afraid of you!This is a hospital。Doctors and nurses may break in at any time!”
Liu Xiaoyun said timidly,She is really scared,Because she already felt Qin Liang’s rapid breathing and physical reaction,Keep being so affectionate,She was afraid that Qin Liang would really treat herself“You’re welcome”Up!
Although she did not resist giving her body to Qin Liang,But no matter the time,Still occasion,Can’t do this。And she is not psychologically ready to hand herself over to Qin Liang,She already had her own beautiful plan……
“Haven’t seen me for so many days,Think i didn’t?”
Qin Liang restrained his impulse,Ask Liu Xiaoyun in a low voice。
“Yes I do,Why don’t you think,I miss my old sister every day,Miss Xiaoxue,Miss home doggy,Cat baby,And those two big parrots……”
Liu Xiaoyun replied openly,Tampered with the topic secretly。
“Less sloppy with me,I am asking you think I don’t?”
Qin Liang corrected the topic immediately。
“……Thought about it。”
Seeing Liu Xiaoyun can’t hide from this topic,Compelled,I had to answer Qin Liang obediently。