“He is not to you,There must be something upsetting in my heart that we can’t know,You haven’t seen him look haggard lately?And I have not been sleeping well recently,Don’t you mind,Only show your attitude in front of people you know,Meet Mayor Zhang,He certainly won’t have this attitude。”

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Ding Yi thought about it,Nod。
“Go,Serve them。”
“Who else?”
“Director Peng,They are talking,Just sober them up。”
Ding lifted up the fruit plate and walked out。
Peng Changyi is talking to Jiang Fan,Look serious,Jiang Fan leaned on the sofa and listened carefully,See Ding Yi come in,Jiang Fan said:“Where did the watermelon come from?”
“Brother brought it。”Said to put down the fruit plate and leave。
Peng Changyi said:“Ding Yi,Don’t go,Where is this watermelon produced?”
“I do not know either,Brother said that the local condolences to the troops。”
Peng Changyi picked up the yellow flesh and tasted it,Said:“Not bad,It really smells like watermelon。”
Jiang Fan also picked up one,Tasted,Said:“Greenhouse。”
“Ok,The price is definitely not cheap,Ding Yi。”He turned his head and said:“Do a favor,Let your brother go back and ask,Where did it come from?”
Jiang Fan said:“how,Tempted?”
“Yes,I went to the countryside a year ago,You can see Ban Lazi greenhouses in any village,Row by row,Upset,Let Liu Quan engage in greenhouse planting training,Want to revitalize those greenhouses。”
“Oh,Good idea。”Jiang Fan is happy,Talk to Ding Yi:“Xiaoding,Hear it,He represents the people of Beicheng。”
Ding Yixiaoxiao,Said:“I told my brother。”
“Inquire,Can send someone to visit and learn。”Jiang Fan added。
Ding Yi smiled at them,Went out。