“If this item is taken down,Then our economic situation in Kangzhou will rise to a higher level,Buddy you bother,Talk wherever I need to be。”

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This word,It’s clearly not what Beicheng Deputy Secretary said,That tone,Although soft、humble,But clearly reveals a kind of restrained domineering,As his deputy,I can’t say such a thing,Obviously,He sits in the report stand,Have a condescending posture。
Zhu Guoqing closed his eyes,With that moment of frustration and depression。He didn’t follow the words of the municipal party committee secretary,But changed the topic,Say:“I will rush to the province to meet Mayor Liu,At noon banquet to the leaders of the Development and Reform Commission and the Department of Finance。and so,Afternoon meeting,I guess Mayor Liu and I won’t be back。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Then won’t open,Move to next week,Anyway, most of the current work is with you,It doesn’t make much sense if you’re not at home.。”
Peng Changyi’s words are humble enough,But in Zhu Guoqing’s ears,Not listened to,In other words,Peng Changyi condescended to come to the mayor’s office,Did not achieve the expected purpose,To some extent,It swells the arrogance of some people。
Since the Standing Committee is closed this afternoon,Peng Changyi called Lu Hui,Discuss with him about Yao Bin。
Lu Hui says:“Their government went,Do we have to go to the municipal party committee??”
Listen,Lu Hui is also not satisfied with this behavior。
Peng Changyi said:“No matter what,I have to praise him,We won’t go if it’s just organized by the government,Is it a bit inappropriate?”
Lu Hui says:“Some people are just out of words,How can you do that?Isn’t this intentional??This kind of thing is done in sequence?”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Really uninteresting。”
Lu Hui says:“Or else,Drag back,Why did someone from the government just finished watching,We will arrive soon,Follow his ass,As if I have to go?”