The steel warriors who can last for more than ten days of meal, wind and dew, only took four days to eat themselves out of trouble,Is also a skill。

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“Why the orcs didn’t have diarrhea,It’s not fair!”
“Shut up,I’m ashamed。”
Thanks to Carlos Paladin with more,The omnipotent light casts the legend of healing,It has miraculous effect to treat water and soil inadequacy。
“Humans are terrible,There are so many jewel pieces in that nightboy snack platter,They dare to eat,It’s a guy。”
“Anyway, I only eat meat and drink,Never touch strange things。”
“Makes sense,Makes sense。”
Carlos has strong ears,The gossip of his self-thinking stupid talk is clear in his ears,Just make people want to laugh。
Nothing more,There is no need to be a leader at this time,Let them do。
Judging from the contacts in the past few days,Night Son is very interested in forming alliances。
Ten thousand years of closure,Put Suramar on a path of abnormal development,All production and life depend on the dark night well,The common people’s dependence on magic wine is no different from the upper elves’ addiction symptoms。
Although I haven’t met with Eli Sandro,But from the conversations between Talissa and others, it is not difficult to find that the upper layers of the night fallen elves are generally aggressive。
These children of the night are serious about returning to the sun。
Although the entire Suramar is enclosed and protected by a huge magical barrier,But the news of the Night Son is not blocked,On the contrary, it’s a little bit clever。
Whether it’s about the war between humans and orcs ten years ago or the war between Feralas and Silithus,The children of the night can comment on one or two。
This is very unusual。
Carlos couldn’t help but remember the point that Kildas mentioned。
Archmagister Elisandro is proficient in prophecy spells。
Eating and drinking these days,Carlos has an intuitive understanding of the city of Suramar,I am even more in awe of the Kaldorei Empire in ancient times。