“Do not worry,I won’t kill you,Who said you are my important person?.”

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“Humph,Are you the only one?Don’t underestimate the fairy mode,Then it’s my turn.”
“The fairy mode is really troublesome.”
Tiandao Payne looked at Xianming who was hugged by Hell Road and said calmly。
“That guy.Actually sucked my fairy chakra.”Xianming, who found something wrong, turned his head and glanced at the hell road behind him,“If you like it so much,I’ll give it all to you!”
Although it changed from the fairy mode back to the normal state,But because of absorbing too much fairy magic chakra,Hell Road has also become a toad statue。
Just left the shackles of hell,Naruto has no time to take a breath,He was stuck on the ground with a black stick。
Hinata, who just woke up, saw Naruto being stuck on the ground,The brain has no time to think,Rushed directly into the battlefield,Coming between Tiandao Payne and Naruto。
“Is it reinforcement.”
To be on the safe side,Looking at Hinata in front of you, muttering。
“Such a sister.I saw it for the first time.”
Fireworks looking at Hinata in the field。
“You never want to hurt Naruto anymore!”
Hinata looked at Tiandao Payne,There is firmness in the eyes。
“What are you doing!Run away!Hinata!”
Naruto, who was stuck on the ground with a black stick, yelled to Hinata in front of him。
“I’m.Willingly,Naruto,stand right here,Is my own will.”Hinata put on a soft fist pose,While saying,“.I always chasing Naruto behind,I hope one day I can walk with Naruto,I can stay by Naruto’s side forever.No matter what,I’m willing to lay down my life to protect Naruto,because I.I like Naruto the most!”
Obviously confessing to Naruto,But Hinata did not blush unexpectedly this time。