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Which one is not more famous than Xu Xuan?
Which one is not stronger than Xu Xuan?
But they just can’t get in,Only Xu Xuan got in!
“Are these people blind??Xu Xuan can be included in this list?”
Where’s Blind Nima!
Do you know how fierce Xu Xuan is this season??
Let’s not mention the previous ones in the New York Knicks,Just say it hit the Pacers58Game——
Average playing time per game:34.5minute
Points per game:21.8Minute
Assists per game:4.2A
Rebounds per game:3.1A
Even with the previous ones in New York Knicks25Game,Xu Xuan can also get it per game19.4Minute、4.4Assist、2.8Backboard!
Don’t talk about other,This data is in2014This year’s rookie is definitely dominating the world!
The scoring power overwhelms the top pick Wiggins’ average16.9Ranked first!
The assists are second only to Peyton6.5Ranked second!
The rebounding is slightly weaker but also ranked eighth!