Fang Hao asked her if she wanted to do it after the introduction。

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She answered without hesitation:“Of course to do,How can you let go of such a good opportunity??”
Even if you can’t make much money,It is also worthwhile to have a relationship with Jinshan Investment Company。
If you can go further,Left a better impression in the heart of the one who landed there,Wait until they really go up,The road will be much smoother in the future。
Don’t talk about doing things that might do well,No need。
But at least don’t worry about others killing them as pigs。
“that,Sister Rou, how much cash can you give out??”Fang Hao asked again。
Single judo:“I don’t have much money in my account,Not necessarily more than yours。but,Assets still have a little bit,The loan channel is also smooth,It’s okay to get a few hundred million。”
Deposit most of the money in the bank,That is Fang Hao who has no idea about financial management。
The really rich,The money in the account won’t go anywhere,If you have money, you will invest。
The richest person,Is often the one who owes the most money。
The poor keep their money in the bank,Because of insecurity。
Shan Rou is a prodigal girl,The monthly consumption is not low,So she did save some money in the bank。
But most of the money is used for investment。