“If you kill God, you are not willing to trade with us.,Then we have to kill this beautiful lady.,Oh……In addition to this,We will visit the friends of the gods.,Oh,Until your is willing to trade with us。

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Hehehehe,Lord,What do you think of this idea??”
Summer voice,“You are looking for death!”
The opposite person is arrogant,Tight the cold channel,“Hum,Others are afraid of you,We are not afraid of you.!Kill god,You are not dead with us.,Within three days,Prepare three things,Otherwise,Your friend,Will you pick a disappearance in the world。”
Flaw!Telephone interrupt。
Although the summer did not open hands-free,But in this silence,Whether Ajiu or Williams,All listen clearly。
“Mr. Xia……”Ajiu Xiangxiang。
“Rest assured,The moon will not have something。”
Summer swaying hands and interrupted her,Ignite a smoke again。
See this,Williams frown,“Who are they??
Is it a magic??
Impossible,Magic,Maybe you will be interested in,But and ask you to ask for a bloody……”Merely,His eyes,“Rate……”Summer look,“What did you think of??”
Williams shakes his head,Some uncertain say,“Will it be a blood group party……All,Previous time,That woman named Luolan has been right with you.。”
Summer eyes bright,“This possibility,Luola has also used my friends to threaten by my friends.,And she is a bloody family,So except for the respect,Also want to get an angel thorn。”
Merely,He looks to Williams,“I need your help。”
Williams did not hesitate,Very happy,“As long as I can do it……”Summer sway,“This matter,There are too many hidden dangers to do.,I need your intelligence network,See if you can see the trace of the blood family,At least,Is it a blood family to kidnap my friend?。”
“I tried my best.。”
……After a moment,Williams leaving。
Treat him,Summer comfort,Returns your own room。
Close the door,He has explored it out of the outside.。
Determine that it is not monitored,Contact Margaret immediately。
“Maji,How do I let you check??”
“Boss,How much useless。”
How much is the voice of Maji’s voice?,“I can only determine,Williams this people are very mysterious,The rise is also awkward。”
Toned,Also,“Three years ago,He once played with the boss.,You finally defeated,Also at that time,He has entered the eyes of each major,Later,He is the leader of the Moshi Eagle and Cactus,But before,He has been very mysterious……”Summer eyebrows。
He received a phone call from Laura.。
The other party informs the summer,Williams is no longer my own。
And the suffering after the summer entered Mixi,All Williams secretly。
In other words,He is a real behind-the-scenes。
Summer half-secret suspect。
So let Maji secret investigation in the morning。
Just now,Not much harvest。